Gamer's Video Update - Warhawk Video Preview

This is a video PREVIEW of Warhawk for the PS3, which was developed by Incognito.


+ So much fun
+ Maps are huge
+ The game looks really pretty

- Controls are not simple to learn
- Not everyone has headsets

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Antan5754d ago

"I never played Warhawk on PS2"...........I stopped right there!


Torch5754d ago

At least he's trying...and you got to see VIDEO footage! ;)

Steve5195754d ago

if you looked I corrected it right then and there. I realized right away it was a misread but I just went on anyway. I don't get paid to do my videos so they are not going to be perfect. Sorry

Antan5754d ago

Hehe, no problem steve, i only picked on that issue as i was a huge fan of the original way back when! consider slack cutting in operation!!!

Torch5754d ago (Edited 5754d ago )

Oh, that was YOU!

Thanks for that...I enjoyed it.

Take any criticism with a grain of salt; it's always easier to bash than to praise, no matter who/what's under the microscope (For what it's worth, it's much better than I could ever do.)

Good job. (Bubble +1)

Bits-N-Kibbles5754d ago (Edited 5754d ago )

I also enjoyed it. It's nice to have someone's opnion that isnt just sony sony sony out the wazoo. Great over view. I also heard about the controls. Can't wait for it to come out polished!

Bubbles (now +2)

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r10005754d ago

I know the big selling point of this game is the flying around, but that might keep me away from this game, never been to good at games that flying is involved, either because gameplay was not good or the controls weren't good.

big_tim5754d ago

It works a lot better then you think. They did a good job balancing the game where the warhawks aren't too powerful.

There is mention that they will have the option of taking out the warhawks as an option.

boi5754d ago (Edited 5754d ago )

well this Warhawk i heard and by the videos/interviews ect is different and looks so damn with everything else getting use to the game is basically the same with other games but this 1 because of the air/ground it be alot to learn but hey for the fun of this game it be worth it

VaeVictus5754d ago (Edited 5754d ago )

I want this game now. It sucked that I was pretty much the only person not invited to the massive Beta.

That's pretty high praise coming from an xbox guy. It's good to see a gamer enjoying a game and not hating a system.

Violater5754d ago (Edited 5754d ago )

so that's 4 of us.
Lets start a petition for the KZ2 beta......

Anyway on the topic, this guy does really well for a retard.

big_tim5754d ago

until last week the beta appeared on my store. So I only get a weeks worth, but it is real fun.

Bits-N-Kibbles5754d ago

At least you got in! danm! And your not thankful for a few WEEKS worth... come on man... Be thankful! Act like it's Thanksgiving and be glad. And it was extended... jeez....

Obviosusly I didn't get in.

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LSDARBY5754d ago

Its awsome, and i hardly every fly i like running around with my rocket launcher :D

boi5754d ago (Edited 5754d ago )

dont have to rub it in our faces :( lol does the beta let u have 4 player split screen?

big_tim - this is really making me lookin 4ward to it lol

LSDARBY - cheers...can't wait :D

big_tim5754d ago

I know it let you have two split screen. I would have tried it with more, but lack the necessary controllers.

LSDARBY5754d ago

Yeah up to four players splitscreen, ive had 3 on at one time. But it does go up to four.

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