Xbox 360 Hardware Failures - Is It Time for Consumer Action?

GamePolitic's Xbox 360 is currently visiting Texas.

GamePolitics, of course, is headquartered near Philadelphia, so they're not seeing much of one another these days. The reason for the long-distance relationship? Their 360, which experienced the dreaded red lights of death failure only weeks after purchase, is undergoing warranty repair.

So are a lot of other gamers' 360's, apparently.

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redmamoth4134d ago

... I will not buy a 360 until this is sorted, fix it M$... NOW!

Mr Murda4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

I'm sorry, you can post all the fan polls, blog entries, and rumor sites that give all the fake statistics that you want, but this all fanboy garbage at this point. Nothing is worth getting worked up about until we hear figures from MS, which will probably be about the same time Sony gives us all their RSX data (aka probably never). The failure rate for 360's is definitely high, but not 30% or even close. At the highest the failure rate is %10, which is really high for a consumer good, but if it was any higher than that then we'd be seeing articles from the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. NOT articles from Fanboy Weekly.

Man, this site is getting bad. A guy (me) makes a common sense statement and bubbles get taken away. I'm not making a post that is unrelated or fanboyish, which is what should determine whether or not bubbles are deserved. If you disagree with my rational post, then hit the "disagree" button. It's conveniently located at the bottom right hand corner of this box.


I have no proof, but no one else does either right now. That's the point. Only MS has the official numbers, and I'd be curious to hear what they are. My post had to do with the fact that all of these MS failure rate articles aren't coming from reputable sources. If there was such a huge uproar from consumers then it would be reported in major news outlets, and it simply isn't at this point. So, I made an educated guess of 10%, because anything higher than that would be a huge deal. Everything seems so much more dramatic on this site, cause people post the same article from 30 different URL's and everyone thinks it's the end of the world. This is the same for PS3 and Wii news, it's just out of line.

marinelife94133d ago

I've been told by 360 owners that if I buy a 360 buy it from Best Buy and pay the extra $60 for the extended warranty. If I'm paying $400 dollars for what is supposed to be a quality console why should I fork over another $60 dollars for "peace of mind" for three years?

If it was designed correctly from the beginning I could use my $60 for a game.

VaeVictus4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Provide your proof mr murda. You can't spout #'s and not support them with a link or a direct quote from MS (who refuses to even discuss it). Polls are the only means of measuring what is going on. This isn't FUD. People's 360's are dying multiple times. MS needs to be held accountable until the correct it and it becomes a non issue.

@ mr murda Part II: A majority of people on my friends list, on other message boards I frequent, and my own personal experience is reputable enough for me to know that it is a problem that happens far too often. MS's stance (or lack thereof)on this is more troubling to me than how valid a source is. Whether you like it or not, the 360 is faulty. When a company refuses to continue fixing a system b/c of an "endemic issue," you have to admit there is a major problem.

The 360 has a strong lineup of games, by far better than the other next gen systems combined 'at this time.' If they don't correct this by the time quality software and price drops occur (shortly) they will have a problem.

The KEN KUTARAGI4133d ago

I can't help but feel like Microsoft was hasty when they began production of the Xbox360.
Any amount of DECENT hardware testing would have given M$ an opportunity to see the Ring of Death.
What's more scary is that there is a good chance they KNEW about the defect, and chose to ignore it and go into full production anyhow to meet their deadline.
This is a classic case of QUANTITY of QUALITY.
There is NO WAY that Microsoft was unable to produce this error prior to going into production if they did VERY MINIMAL hardware tests.
If they truly DID NOT know about this problem, that speaks VOLUMES about their inexperience with hardware production.

Killfooler4133d ago

I stood in line for a console at launch. Since then, I've had the lights show up on 3 consoles and am currently on my fourth. The problem is that Microsoft is replacing broken consoles with broken consoles. It ticks me off and am about to throw in the towel if my replacement crashes. Since I've gotten it back (about 3 days ago) I've already had it lock up on me once. And yes, it gets plenty of ventilation blah blah... and yes, I DO take care of it blah blah... I'm sick of hearing the tech support ask me the same stupid questions when they KNOW their product is defective. I have a PS3 and Wii that sit on the same shelf that work with no problems at all.

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Morbius4204133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

+1 Bubble

i Shank u4133d ago

Mr MURDA I agree its prob. not 30%, but nobody effin knows, so %10 is just as B.S. what if MS numbers are %10, but they count people with 4 broken boxes as 1 broken box repaired 4 times? their numbers might be skewed. informations easily manipulated, and right now it seems they are making money by charging $150 to repair them, or perhaps not, whatever. personally, ive had one broken box, but what system have you ever heard of that has multiple people going throung multiple boxes in under 2 years? theres a guy that has proof hes on his 11th. W>T>F is up 360? My 89 NES still works fine, so somethings fishy. BTW I gave you positive feedback cause you were cool about what you said. word

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PS360WII4134d ago

Well the point of the article seemed a bit grey. They say that one should do something but it would be pointless to try. I doubt MS cares about this and will call it all propaganda and consumers will go about there business.

the_round_peg4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Well, if 360 owners really have been having so many hardware failures, then they should file a Class Action against Microsoft.

Otherwise, it's just rumor and hearsay.

Seriously, the US is a nation that's full of frivolous lawsuits. I would have thought by there would be at least some major lawsuit against Microsoft and 360 by now. Why hasn't there been a Class Action or judgement against Microsoft on this issue?

ACE4133d ago

its properganda ,bull$hit and hearsay thats why and the poor simple people out there beleave this crap it makes me sick .

most of these posts r from ms haters n e way so what ever , what is this site coming to ? MODS what r u doing leting crap like this keep posting on ur site? ..

i have said it b4 and i will say it again both machine 360/ps3 r good machines go play games on ur machines and enjoy them there is no need for this rubish .

yes i have both machines ,,, to me this is childish crap .

sfinXters4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

M$ haters?
Everyone hates M$, if you haven't noticed.
Well, at least everyone who has a clue about what exactly is going on.

Firewire4133d ago

The reason why there is no class action lawsuit. Find a lawyer who wants to spend years & millions fighting MS. MS will just drag in on, and right before the end settle.
A person on their own doesn't have a chance, this is were the American justice system is broken.

ACE: Your a typical xbot in denial, yes we know its Sony's fault, or its all Sony fanboys fault! Yeah right, ask your mommy to change your diapers, you're stinking up the place!

For shame xbots, for shame!

i Shank u4133d ago

i read most of the comments. nobody blamed sony. youre one of the only ones to bring up sony, which is retarded because the article has nothing to do with sony. but thanks for being a douche. or fanboy, or whatthehellever. calling people xbots ispussy.

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MK_Red4133d ago

This shows that media and those useless politics think about nothing but themselves. If they really cared about people and gamers, they should do something about this problem and talk about it not relating every shooting in history to Doom and GTA.

PSTripleOG4133d ago


Just got Pwned.

This Is Living.