IGN: Kane and Lynch Hands-on

Io Interactive, the development studio best known for the Hitman series, is hard at work on its second squad-based shooter. Following in the gameplay footsteps of Freedom Fighters, Kane and Lynch is a gritty, visceral action title that is looking to bring a bit more of a cinematic feel to games as it traces the story of the unlikely duo.

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PSTripleOG4130d ago

This game will be great, No chance of a BAD PORT. (Touch wood)

nobizlikesnowbiz4130d ago

Haha now your knocking on wood, praying for a good ps3 game eh PoStripleOG?

Antan4130d ago

"- Lead platform - PS3"

Sure of that?

K3n Kutaragi4130d ago

this game will be sh1t actually, another one in the bargain bin HA

Maldread4130d ago

so was Freedom Fighter, which i think Kane and Lynch will use some of the same controls from too, so i have high hopes for this game too

VirusE4130d ago

Hitman was really good but i personally wouldnt call it great. It did have its fair share of problems.

mariusmal4130d ago

i would still prefer freedom fighters 2 to kane and linch. freedom fighters had a great story and was a blast to play. good graphics in his time. hell.. i still play it today

MK_Red4130d ago

Lead platform PS3? Wasn't it a 360 exclusive at first before going multi? Hope they make it as good as Hitman Blood Money.