Rumor: Brink set to release on September 7

Brink, produced by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Splash Damage, was due to release in spring 2010. In December it got pushed forward to fall 2010. Now it seems like it has gotten its release date set. As GameStop launched their Brink sweepstakes, officially supported by both Bethesda Softworks and Splash Damage they also announced that Brink would be available on 9.7.2010 as in September 10, 2010.

"Some might say this may just be a huge mistake and yes, it could be. But then again, knowing how extremely careful especially Bethesda Softworks are with actually giving clearance we highly doubt it. The official Bethesda Softworks blog, the Splash Damage twitter and the official Brink twitter all link to the GameStop ad, again – it looks very likely that September 7, 2010 IS the actual release date set for Brink."

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DelbertGrady4098d ago

Don't know why but I have a feeling it will get delayed until 2011.

RockmanII74096d ago

Isn't Halo Reach supposed to come out on September 20th? If they release this 2 weeks before Reach, they are, with all due respect, F*ckin retarded. At least wait till October.