Microsoft to Up Focus on Non-Core Market, Hints at E3

Microsoft has revealed plans to make a greater push into the casual games market as it attempts to broaden its hold on a wider consumer demographic.

Chris Lewis, UK vice president of the EMEA home and entertainment division, told MCV that the strategy to target the non-core market is likely to be based around an increase in titles utilizing gaming peripherals and a greater variety of games.

"For 360 to appeal in the way we want it to and for us to achieve our aspirations, we need to be in the broader space as well as investing in the core element," Lewis said.

"Clearly we need to continue toward more casual-based gaming experiences, and more peripheral-based gaming experiences in front of the screen.

"You're going to hear more about that at E3," he added.

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DirtyRat4156d ago

Interesting...they have said before how impressed they are with the Wiimote so perhaps they are to offer something similar

kewlkat0074156d ago

more along the lines of different titles that do not cater, only, to the "hard-core "gamer. Of course it takes years of building relationships with developers to establish a wide variety of software titles, as well as building/acquiring more first-party studios and making new and interesting IPs. Xbox Live Arcade is also showing some good promises with the selection of newly created games, but lacking some of the real old-school favs. Everything is timing, I hope nobody expected MS to get out the gates with a gazillion software titles/peripherals.

ItsDubC4156d ago

Wow, so Nintendo gets hated on for going after the casual gaming market and expanding the gaming audience, but no one has anything bad to say about MS when they announce the same?

Evoluti0n4156d ago

did Nintendo get "hated" on? Seriously, just sounds like they are going to give the big N some competition, that's all.

ItsDubC4156d ago

No where. I was talking about the self-proclaimed hardcore-gaming public hating on Nintendo, not MS.

Rooted_Dust4156d ago

Is it wrong to dislike Nintendo for shifting away from games with any kind of depth in favor of a bunch of games that really belong in MarioPartyXX? They've said it themselves, that they don't see games as art and they just want to make fun little games for the family.

ItsDubC4156d ago

And yet there is nothing wrong w/ making games geared toward family fun because the essence of any form of gaming is fun. Why is focusing on the fun aspect of gaming instead of the artistic aspects necessarily a bad thing? It's only a bad thing to those who overvalue graphics.

I can understand extending negativity toward Nintendo for shifting toward casual gaming as long as that same negativity is extended toward other gaming firms who choose to do the same. No double standards.

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silent ninja4156d ago

and nothing else. what happened to XNA games???? yeh thats right NOTHING !, its a shame they were the 1st ones to come out this gen, yet sony(litlle big planet ,tekken, warhawk,) and nintendo (wiichannel) are kicking MS in the downloadable content

BIadestarX4156d ago

XNA nothing? You obvously know "NOTHING" google XNA(4,590,000 results) and you will see how many results you get. The XNA currently have a fast growing community of people making games for the PC and the XBox 360. Maybe you are not aware since 1) You probably dont own a 360, 2) You are not a programmer.

"yet sony(litlle big planet ,tekken, warhawk,) and nintendo(wiichannel) are kicking MS in the downloadable content" Are kicking? wow... you must have some sort of time machine because no of these games are released yet. And obviously you are just a fanboy talking...
xbox live relatively have every games's demo, movies, trailers... while Nintendo does not even have plans for online... ohh wow you can watch the weather...

ItsDubC4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

I agree w/ you for the most part, except for that part about Nintendo not having plans for online. Explain.

I think everyone knows that Nintendo obviously does have a plan for online, seeing as how there are already Wii games out w/ online play. Of course, I wouldn't expect someone who doesn't keep up-to-date w/ Nintendo news to know that.

silent ninja4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

then where are those games, all there is on "arcade" are arcade games or mediocre games that we can download for free on the internet.

even if i'am not aware either is because 1) they don't get gamers attention 2) the devs aren't creating games that are innovative 3) Ms is not delivering them

show me xna games that compare to the like of little big planet, warhwak, tekken ressurection, calling all cars

all i'am saying is sony and nintendo are catching up in an area where i thought MS had intact

Double-Edged4156d ago

It's better than playing with treasure trolls with Little Big Planet

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Double-Edged4156d ago

this is making a game about killing treasure trolls =)

Lex Luthor4156d ago

Wow! and to think that this game was created in 4 days is amazing.

silent ninja4156d ago

and have any of those been released or planned to be released any time soon

Contra264156d ago

XNA kills Little Big Planet.

These games are made by people, not professional devs.

You stupid noob. Look at XBLA games. Most are made by XNA.
If games of XNA would be pushed to it's unlimited power, Then ofcourse Games would cost more.

Don't be dumb.... your stupid Little Big Planet aint that Big

BIadestarX4156d ago

It's obvious that you can't tell the difference between a game made by developers... that allow you to customize your caracters and change their looks, and add items and stuff they they added to their games.... and something like XNA. Try making a car game or an airplay game of Little Big planet. You just got owned.

silent ninja4156d ago

owned in what ????

this is about quality of games and delivery of games made by people that MS promised.. that what i'm talking about

fools, thats why asked "have any of those been released or planned to be released any time soon"???

hers a list of arcade

upcoming games

do those look to you like indivuals making these games

fanboys on tis site make me sick

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