Microsoft Games Studio looking for a few good playtesters

See how happy those people are? That happiness does not come from the knowledge they are paid to get excited -- okay, so it does, but let's suspend reality and pretend they are actual playtesters. David Weller, the community manager at Microsoft's Game Technology Group, is putting out the call on his blog for participants under age 18, preferably between six and 12-years-old, to playtest some upcoming games.

If you do decide to participate, do Microsoft a favor and come into the program with a critical mind and not just as a chance to be the first kid on your block to try Project X. Weller (gamertag: LetsKillDave) and his group will probably need you to check every nook and cranny and give earnest feedback on the progress of the game, so that it does not get released as buggy and un-fun piece of software that will never sell.

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younghalo5410d ago

uhh... can I playtest Halo 3? heh, jk (that would be neat tho)