Overlord reinvigorates the idea of funny, but evil, games

Ben Kuchera from ArsTechnica writes:

"Opposable Thumbs has fallen in love with both the 360 and PC demo of the just-released Overlord, and judging from the response we've received from the readers, you feel the same. We were lucky enough to bounce some questions off Rhianna Pratchett, the game's writer and co-story designer. She talks to us about how she got into game writing, why the demo was important, and the art of arousing voice actors.

Her job seems much more fun than ours..."

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eclipsegryph4133d ago

Overlord is such a fun game! I was watching my roommate play it for a few hours last night, and it very fun, and funny. Not to mention the great voice acting and music selection. :p

boi4133d ago

Rhianna Pratchett, is that her in that pic... :D:D

calderra4133d ago

Overlord looks like it's this generation's "Armed and Dangerous". A truly, incredibly, side-splitting and fun game that just doesn't have the advertising oomph to make it more popular.