Violent Video Games: Who's to Blame?

ResumePlay: The issue of violence in video games has been around for decades, but with the graphical realism in modern consoles the debates are fiercer than ever. Whether its about the chainsaw bayonets of Gears of War, the "killing hookers" in Grand Theft Auto, or the cold, emotionless sniping in Call of Duty, society sees a lot of problems in the games we play. There are supposed to be guidelines and rules in place to keep these mature games out of childrens' hands, but somehow they get them anyway.

So who is at fault in creating this issue? Mainstream society seems to blame the developers for even making the games, but are they guilty for what they've done? I've taken a scrutinizing look at the violent games issue, and no one is off limits for the analysis. See who makes the guilty list.

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cyborg69713429d ago

Blame the fans that want them. Like me. It doesn't make me violent. In fact it helps blow off steam so I don't commit violent acts.

young juice3429d ago

i blame chuck norris

*hides behind kratos*

lovestospoodge3429d ago

i agree. i blame you

nah jk. parents really are to blame

Gue13429d ago

Are you a PS3 fanboy mau64? Because I blame them!

3429d ago
rambi803428d ago

i blame evolution

We still have a basically reptilian brain - hence our attraction to violence

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CheatsMcGee3429d ago

The blame goes all the way around. Just some people want to make a bigger deal out of it.

SKGamer3429d ago

Yeah, that's kind of what I tried to say in the article. Almost everyone has contributed in some way, so I put us all under the microscope. I do think some groups need to shoulder more of the responsibility though. A parent, for example, needs to be responsible for what their child is doing.

brandynevils3429d ago

This was an interesting read

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The story is too old to be commented.