Fallout: New Vegas Scans Reveal New Screens & Info

Check out the latest Fallout: New Vegas scans, which reveal never before seen screenshots and new infomation.

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MasterChief36244353d ago

From what I've seen in these pictures, New Vegas is going to be quite a good and fun game. Looking awesome so far :)

Saaking4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

So is this gonna play like Fallout 3? I've barely even heard anything about this game, but I loved Fallout 3. Looks pretty good.

ThanatosDMC4353d ago

I just hope it's open world like Fallout 3 and we are allowed to kill anybody and anything... especially those kids. I hated those kids in Little Lamp for not letting me in.

zeeshan4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

^ Hahaha! That mayor kid had some serious attitude problem. Loved Fallout 3, can't wait for New Vegas! I am just sad that they *spoilers ahead* killed my character along with his mother who died in the beginning and then they also killed DAD. What a sad ending!

Just saw the scans. Ok this looks tooooo much like Fallout 3. Super mutants, the same old face (of an old man), seems like this time it will be VAULT 21. Even the armor looks the same. *SPOILER* I wonder if Enclave will resurface? I made it blow itself up lol

mistajeff4353d ago


The enclave was supposed to have been done with for good at the end of Fallout 2, and since New Vegas has a lot of the same devs, I doubt they'll show up again. Brotherhood of Steel is supposed to be in the game, though, but they probably won't have a very powerful presence (like in Fallout 2).

Can you guys really understand what the article says? I can't discern much from the german.. is there any significant new info? I'm curious what that panel about weapon customization says

Pika-pie4353d ago

Looking forward to this. Its a shame Bethesda arnt working on it this time but hopefully thats because they are busy working on the next Morrowind game (E3 announcement fingers crossed!!!)

execution174353d ago

i'll probably pick it up if its not as buggy as Fallout 3 :( tis the reason why my 60gb YLOD from the game freezing every 20 minutes or so

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reaferfore204353d ago

I wish they would have changed the super mutants back to the way they were in the previous titles. Other than that this game's looking great! Here's hoping this game is everything Fallout 3 should have been...

and goddamnit they better have an ending that's more than 2 minutes long that actually tells you what happens because of your characters actions.

Eiffel4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

I enjoyed Fallout 1 and 2. But the oldies need to accept fate. What you wish would happen, most likely won't. I'm a fan of the franchise, but I enjoyed Fallout 3. I don't know I guess I'm a sucker for a good game.

At least the original minds behind the first two are on development with Fallout: New Vegas. Be happy for that at least.

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Cartesian3D4353d ago

but damn !. . it looks like a PS2 game.. Fallout 3 had many bugs and glitchs even with those low quality graphics.. the AI was horrible.. the lighting was funny (flash light was like a circle of light around you without casting any shadow!!! even doom 3 had this tech)

the only thing i like about this game is gameplay and atmosphere.. hope to see improvement in enemy AI and polish.

SullyDrake4353d ago

It simply looks like Fallout 3 with no visual upgrades.

Dante's Inferno looks like a PS2 game.

STONEY44353d ago

It looks like they updated the lighting and textures. One of those screens has a comparison of Fallout 3 and New Vegas and the Super Mutant's textures looks much better now.

Cartesian3D4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

plz tell me you are joking.. just see this picture

copy paste textures on walls and other surfaces. no self shadowing or any other lighting tricks, you can count the amount of polygons used for shaping the head .. etc

OMG one day I said Star ocean looks like sh!t (from magazine scans) and all people attack me for saying that..

now same people attack me for this game.. believe it or not Fallout looks LAST gen.. there is no LIGHTING in this game. just one surface simple shadow same as Gow2 from PS2 . anyone saw Red dead redemption? open world game with current gen lighting and better environment and character models ??

ok Im tired ..

aGameDeveloper4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

You may be right about the lighting (I wasn't entirely happy with it in Fallout 3, and this will probably look the same), but it's probably too early to judge the overall rendering quality, pre-release. This is especially true when judging low-rez full-page scans of the artifacts of the magazine printing process, of pages that were designed with some sort of annoying "burlap" effect.

Having said that, compromises in lighting are not entirely unexpected in a game that features a massive, unrestricted open world with a dynamic day-night cycle. Bethesda is respected for its gameplay expertise, not necessarily their rendering tech (while Oblivion looked great for its time, it was more of a graphics hog than it needed to be, in part due to its use of a generalized game engine, Gamebryo).

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KonohagakureFC4353d ago

Hope he makes it over to vegas

ThanatosDMC4353d ago

Of course, he'll be there since he's the most reliable and strongest "hireling". I just hope we get his resurrection perk early.

It also looks like we can set how our hireling will act.

CRAIG6674353d ago

i only just found dogmeat and i would rather have stuck with fawkes to be honest?

wanderofys4353d ago

Dogmeat was kinda worthless. He died when I fast traveled :/

On the topic of the article, I like the direction they're going with the character models. Seems like there's a little more life in them.

slave2Dcontroller4353d ago

Fawkes was a Beast and I loved his war cry while he was mowing down enemies. Me and Fawkes were down like stocking caps N waves :D

I hear that Vegas is supposed to be up and running so that should be sweet if you wanna gamble. I'm curious to know if VATS will remain in place or are they going for another style of battle. Either Way, this game will be in my PS3 day 1.

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