Blu-ray vs. HD DVD for Enterprise Storage

Blu-ray might have beaten HD DVD at Blockbuster, but who will win the Blu-ray/HD DVD fight for the enterprise? Although Blu-ray discs offer greater capacity, the HD DVD format has been perceived as having an edge in the corporate space, in light of the fact that its components and discs are generally less expensive.

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sfinXters4130d ago

Neither of these will be used for enterprise storage.

50 Gb is way too little for backups.

Watapata4130d ago

have you worked in IT before? I have...tape backup are used for enterprise storage but mostly backup all server contents and activity for a week or so before the tapes are erased and new ones are put in. Most companies today, across the world, still use DVD as the preferred archiving method. For this reason Blu-Ray or HD DVD would be great for enterprise storage.

TriggerHippie4130d ago

I thought most enterprises used external Hard Drives for back-up storage. At least that's what i've mostly seen. And yes this is a repost.