Phil Harrison On Losing Exclusives

Mag Game Informer asks Harrison if there's anything that can be done to combat losing exclusives. Harrison's reply:

"I'm looking at the platform as an entire portfolio. And yes, I'm always concerned to make sure that consumers can buy the best games and get the best game experiences to validate their system purchase. [But] as long as the games they get are great, [consumers] don't care if they are third-party or first-party...What I do believe is that the investments we have made in Worldwide Studios globablly - U.S., Europe, and Japan - will yield the best quality software and the highest quality experiences that are clearly going to be exclusive to the platform...We have a larger platform-dedicated development resource than our competitors combined. So all of that goes towards the fact that the best games with the best technology are coming exclusively to [Sony] platforms."

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Systematrix4132d ago

Whatever helps you sleep better at night Phil.

SimmoUK4132d ago

LOL at you, everything he just said is true including the fact that sony's inhouse studios is bigger than Microsoft and Nintendo combined, so wtf are you talking about...

Torch4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Yup, you're absolutely right. Sony's strong studio involvement will render exclusive games by default. And if history is any indicator, many of those are gonna be untouchable, kickass titles.

To recycle an old proberb: You can buy your fish and eat only now, or learn to fish and prosper throughout.

Sony's doing the latter.

Systematrix4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

before the PS3 fanboys all have aneurysms. Everything he said is where are the games? I don't care what kind of in-house studios they have, they need to start cranking out the games fast or they'll continue to sink until it's too late to come back.

ShAkKa4132d ago

feel better by saying that. this the most commun b--l s--t i hear on this place "i got both" one is great the other is collecting dust. in your dreams you got both men in your dreams.

Systematrix4132d ago

Why does it have to go to personal attacks? And where did the gay references come from? Do you have issues that need to be dealt with? Relax, I was criticizing a corporation...not your mama.

Torch4132d ago

Please kindly refer to white piece of paper with heading reading:

"PS3 - Release Dates"


Ignorant Fanboy4131d ago

but no decent PC, cant have it all.

none collect dust.

ShAkKa4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

so why did you change your coment. all i am saying is this,people,just stop saying "i got both one is great and the other sucks" just to make a bias comment. wow i didn`t notice that one of my bubbles was gone well what can i do.

Systematrix4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Yeah, I lost 2 bubbles in this fiasco. I'm done. Some people take things too personally. Don't play the console, play the game.

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boi4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

well now most of you people kept saying it will become a N64!? to me PS3 won't become that why its because they have Sony! N64 really didn't have much backing them aprat from Nintendo! Sony is one of the top business around today and growing and im sure they won't let the franchise Playstation slip away at to me Sony don't want to waste money on GTA4 exclusive content why u ask well its simple they would rather save that money for something else and with the DMC4 going multiplatform...i do think that game shoudve ended by DMC3 anyways Sony wanted new, the truth is DMC don't offer that much new!

Sony Ps3 has other titles coming out and exclusives which are new and will help the Ps3...I highly doubt its going to be a N64.

Sony ps3 will pick up :)

and for the people who disagree pls pls explain why?!?!?! jeez

Bill Gates4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Peter Moore has NOTHING on this guy. This guy's bright in the cranium. Very smart.

Torch4132d ago

Yeah, he's an excellent figurehead for the company.

The first time I actually saw him speak was upon the unveiling of Home & LBP (Gamer's Day?), and was impressed.

Very amicable guy.

socomnick4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Naw I like peter better petter is a human I cant really tell if phil is or isnt.

Odion4132d ago

I totally agree that man has the shinyest head i have ever seen.

Have you even seen in outside! You've got be careful cause if the sun reflects of his head at just the right angle the glare can blind you!

Vojkan4132d ago

"Is it because he is white?" You racist pig, judginf people by their skin collor!

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