12 Month Xbox Live Gold Card Xbox 360 Now Only $35.82

Wal-Mart is selling Microsoft Live 12 Month Gold Card Xbox 360 for only $35.82! A tremendous bargain considering its regular price is around $60. Live is the online gaming for the Xbox 360 with intelligent matchmaking, leagues, ladders, tournaments and more.
No word yet on how long this sale will go for or if anyone else in the industry has followed this pricing.

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my local walmart has just re-stocked with all kinds of 360 accessories and games. it seems walmart is really getting behind the 360, which can only be good news. like, 90% of america shops there.

big_tim5538d ago

Yep, I saw this a week ago and took the ad to Circuit City and they matched it. Very nice deal

Schmitty075538d ago

I only pay 50/yr, not 60

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The story is too old to be commented.