Lair Preview - Eragon, Eat Your Heart Out's Nereos previews Factor 5's Lair.

"Many people have compared the graphics in this game to Gears of War, and they may not be far off. It looks gorgeous, and if the Sixaxis controls are as perfect as the devs have been saying, then Factor 5 may well be onto a winner."

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nextgengaming184129d ago

But gave a preview of what he saw in teh video. Am I the only one who is thinking this? Maybe because he gave me no detail on how the game played, control scheme, and many other things.

Relin4129d ago

...he skipped past the info you can get in every other preview and talked about how it might be received. If you wanna know how the controls feel, do a Google and you'll find out ;)

Omegasyde4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

I agree, he gave a review based off gameplay footage. This review is nothing more than a joke. Computer and Videogames actually played the games, where this guy who knows nothing, went off video. You can clearly tell by lack of detail in the post.

SimmoUK4129d ago


"Up until now, Lair hasn't been sitting at the top of everyone's Most Anticipated lists beside Metal Gear Solid and Killzone 2. But that, we're willing to bet, is about to change.

Lair's graphical prowess hits you like a bus the moment you start the first level. It has that Factor 5 touch. You leap onto your dragon and launch into the air, and it stuns you with its ultra-high-detail environments that stretch far into the distance for you to gawp at as you soar through the sky on your giant dragon.

Factor 5 clearly still knows how to get a console's chips ticking, as it did when it produced the technically stunning Star Wars: Rogue Squadron games on GameCube.

The first of the six levels we played during our exclusive hands-on is particularly stunning. A town with literally hundreds of buildings is sprawled out in a sort of canyon between two huge mountains. This awesome scene overlooks the sea, with the most amazing water ripple being lit up by a gorgeous sunset. In 1080p on a on a big screen, it really is a sight to see.

Another level has you flying around at night, in which a torrential downpour splashes water off your dragon's wings as they flap, and fierce lightening strikes light up the whole screen for a split second, momentarily revealing the impressively bump-mapped textures of the towering rocky surfaces around you before the whole scene plunges back into near complete darkness. It's awesome stuff.

It's an extremely cinematic game, with its top-notch visuals paired up with an epic, loud orchestral soundtrack and a motion control system that literally has you leaning with the action (as you should already know, you control the dragons by tilting the SixAxis)."


CVG played it the first 6 level's, it turns out that not only does LAIR look fantastic but it plays really well!

Loads more at the link enjoy cant wait for this one!


This dude did not play the game, Everyone has an opinion I guess, and actually I'm glad he's trying to deflate the Hype, so that when the game comes out, it will blow everyones expectations out the window.

ShAkKa4129d ago

thats the diference on a preview by someone who plays the game-demo to someone who just watch a video.

akaFullMetal4129d ago

he's going to get some hate mail, hahahahahh

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