Midway Exclusive Cruis'n on the Wii

Arcade fans will undoubtedly remember Midway's classic racing games, Cruis'n USA and Cruis'n the World. In a recent announcement Midway has announced that the latest instalment is currently in development for Nintendo's Wii console exclusively. While details on the game are currently scarce, players will have their choice of an impressive line-up of cars and 12 different street circuits.

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PS360WII4132d ago

heh I played those in so many different restaurants back in the day. Glad they are making one and it's on the Wii only

ItsDubC4132d ago

I wonder if it'll control like Excite Truck or use the nunchuk?

ITR4132d ago

I would like both options.

I still like the tilt method.

Kastor_Troii4130d ago

This should be exclusive to the Wii for sure. Cant wait for more info.