Why The PS3 Does Not Share The Xbox 360's Success

CB Games reports:

Before lambasting the site with "X-fan" comments, this is not a PS3 bashing article. We got most of those out of the way late last year, and a little bit in the early part of this year. Still, many readers tend to think that the PS3 is not doing that bad, and that the sales are on track in the same way that the Xbox 360 was during the same period of last year.

There are two reasons why the former frame of thinking is incorrect: First, the market was very different one year ago. The Xbox 360 was competing with the hype of the PlayStation 3, the shadow of the then-labeled Nintendo "Revolution" and decent PS2 and Xbox software sales. Second, sales for the Xbox 360 and Wii are continuously picking up, while the PS3 sales are continuously declining.

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Shadow Flare4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

PS3 is the one with the brightest future of the 3 consoles. And cmon, this is PlayStation, it has a HUGE following. ALOT of people are just waiting for a price-cut OR a reason to buy it (more games). And the latter is a given this year

So sit tight, cos this sky rocket's in flight

original seed4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

I think this Fall and early next year belongs to Xbox.

I understand that the PS3 is finally releasing some games (Not old 360 games) but the 360 has continued to release games the whole year and weve yet to see the heavy hitters.

That being said, I think Christmas of 2008 might be the PS3 time to shine. That is unless Microsoft has a stash of games up its sleeves.

This is just my Mature opinion.

Edit- Can a few of you guys who disagreed please add to the conversation and in a Mature manner tell me why you disagreed? Its just opinions.

Mycococo4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

5.5mil... more than one source has stated this and they all say sony released that number to them. if you go to vg charts you will see that the x360 hadnt sold that many units by then.

i like how the intro of the article completely discredits anything they go on to say after the 1st paragraph. "this is not a PS3 bashing article. We got most of those out of the way late last year, and a little bit in the early part of this year. Still, many readers tend to think that the PS3 is not doing that bad, and that the sales are on track in the same way that the Xbox 360 was during the same period of last year. " FOR THOSE THAT DONT KNOW WHAT A PARADOX IS THIS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE!

uhhh. ok. why is this even considered news! this site is behond bias. its discusting.

KingJames19064131d ago

Wait, you quote mysterious sources that state Sony has 5.5 million (that number 5.5 is shipped to stores) then you ask people to look at VGChartz as proof that PS3 is ahead of Xbox 360 during the first 6 months of launch? You realize that VGChartz has global PS3 units sold to people (NOT STORES) at 3.57 million at this time and Xbox 360 @ 10.07 million. Also if your using VGChartz as a guide you realize that the past 2 months not including June (but I'm sure there will be no change) that PS3 is trailing Xbox 360 while the Wii slaughters the market as a whole. I suppose you expect to Lair, Heavenly Sword, and HOME will move 3-4 million units from August until January 08? Yeah and maybe the United Sates will finally get that democracy thing right in Iraq by then too. I doubt it.

Hayabusa 1174131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

So you're arguing the PS3 is making the same performance as the 360? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't Sony, as well as all the fanboys, say the PS3 was going to crush the 360 when it comes out?

And you use VG Chart figures for the 360, and "many sources" for the PS3 sales figures...none of which is VG Charts. Yes, that is not being unbiased.

And by the way, that is NOT a paradox.

JsonHenry4131d ago

The PS3 will pick up sales once the price lowers, simply put. Look at the PS2 sales once it went down to 99.00USD. It sold like it was just released all over again.

The problem with the PS3 is that they trump it up to be some super computer, when ANYONE can look at the games and realize that the 360 games look and play smoother regardless if the PS3 is more powerful or not.

Lower the price, and you will sell millions.

Amplifier4131d ago

@original seed

First and foremost, yes that was your opinion but you didn't state any games...sorry but hand full of FPSs/TPSs doesn't make selections great.

It does make them saturated with action titles specifically and not much room for variety.


Sony's 5.5 million is as accurate as MS's 10 million because both companies stated SHIPPED to store numbers they can't and/or won't post what has actually been sold.

For you to state that 5.5 number is inaccurate because that was the "shipped to store" number than so is 10 number.

@Original Topic

Sony is WELL aware of the current "state" of their system, I have no doubt in my mind that they are ready to unleash MASSIVE advertising come late summer/early fall.

Things can very well change on a dime GREATLY as we have witnessed in this current generation of systems.

But to say and act as is Sony doesn't care and/or is not watching(sitting on their hands) the trend, believe you me that BIG plans are ahead for the PS3.


codeazrael4131d ago

It is that same arrogance that got Sony in trouble in the first place. Brand recognition isnt what is going to be what wins the console race this time. Sony came with the approach at first that they hardly had to acknowledge the 360, now they have to not only acknowledge, but accept that the PS3 may come in second, if not third if they don't get their act together.

tehcellownu4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

The PS3 sales isnt actually declining during launch time it sold more then the 360 in Europe, NA, And Japan..Also for console that cost 600 dollars and its still selling thats good in a sense..As games drops you will see increase sales of the PS3..and once sony cut the price i gaurantee you that it will sell even more units..

Playstation 3 Exclusive list of games..

Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Heavenly Sword
Ratchet And Clank Tools of Destruction
Uncharted Drakes Fortune
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy Versus
Metal Gear Solid 4
White Knight Story
New Team Ico Game
War Hawk
War Devil
Socom Confrontation
Time Crisis
Killzone 2
Socom 4
Gran Turismo 5
Fifth Phanton Saga
Eight Days
Gataway 3
Eye of Judgement
parapper the rapper
NBA ’08 (Published by Sony)
World Tour Soccer PS3 (Published by Sony)
NBA 07 The Life Vol. 2 (Published by Sony)
High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition (PS3)
The Agency (PC, PS3)
Super Stardust HD

As for the 360 sales its been declining and increasing back and forth..And the only thing increasing each day is people getting the red lights of death..

Edit- The article is BS too..IF someone is starting a sentence with "Before lambasting the site with “X-fan” comments, this is not a PS3 bashing article." you know for sure something

Edit #2 come on xbots why dont you name your games? like it or not PS3 will have a better library and variety of games..

Hayabusa 1174131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Wow, those are alot of games. A pity not all of them will be AAA. It's also a pity I can't list all the 360 exclusives, as half of them are already out now. Better library? More variety? Am I really going to be playing Singstar? I don't think so.

Possession, by the way, is multiplatform.

kewlkat0074131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Personally I hate list, Xbox fans can post a list and people will go back and fourth games 4 games with opinions.

Come on Ninja Gaiden Sig, an exclusive..hehe

Parapper the rapper..come on

NBA ’08 (Published by Sony)-CRAP, 2K series pwns
World Tour Soccer PS3 (Published by Sony)-CRAP EA and Konami has that market
NBA 07 The Life Vol. 2 (Published by Sony)-niche game

Makes no sense posting list, some of this stuff will get no love.

risk4131d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma <~~ old game but good
Heavenly Sword <~~~ goddess of war?
Lair <~~~ from the developers of rogue squadron...can be good
Ratchet And Clank Tools of Destruction <~~ AAA
Uncharted Drakes Fortune <~~~ AAA
Final Fantasy VIII <~~~ AAAAAAAAA
Final Fantasy Versus <~ AAAAAAAAA
Metal Gear Solid 4 <~ AAAAAAAAA
White Knight Story <~ AAA
New Team Ico Game <~ ico pwns...
War Hawk <~~ AAA (prolly the first Triple A title to embrace the ps3)
War Devil <~ hmmm havent seen it/forgot :/
LIttleBigPlanet <~~~~ AAA
Socom Confrontation <~~ AAA
Time Crisis <~~~ AAA
Killzone 2 <~~~ has the potential and the hype to topple halo3 but cna it do it?
Socom 4 <~~ isnt this socom confrontation?? if not AAA
Gran Turismo 5 <~~~ AAAA
Fifth Phanton Saga <~~~ forgotten about it.../dunno what it is
Eight Days <~~~~ 8days to vegas.. can be better then gta?
Wipeout <~~~~~~~ cmon its wipeout! A
Gataway 3 <~~ they have always been graphically superiour but...the gameplay...
Eye of Judgement <~~~ neat card fighting game... A
Possesion <~~~ hmmm...?
parapper the rapper <~~~ lets hope its like the first original! A
Gradius <~~~ dunno :/
NBA ’08 (Published by Sony) <~~ dunno
World Tour Soccer PS3 (Published by Sony) <~~ dunno
NBA 07 The Life Vol. 2 (Published by Sony) <~~ dunno
EyeDentify <~~~cool concept...
Pain <~~ casual game that looks like fun (reminds me of kitty canon)
SingStar <~~~ AAA need i say more?
High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition (PS3) <~~~ hmm...
The Agency (PC, PS3) <~~~ lets hope SoE doesnt screw it up
Folklore <~~~~ AAA title.

those are my thoughts on those games...ill be picking up a ps3 this christmas...and prolly selling my wii i havent touched in 2 months...

Morbius4204130d ago

that people would buy the PlayStation3 even if there are no games for it? Well when are they going to start buying it?

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BadTaste4131d ago

I respectfully disagree.

Lyberator4130d ago

That was just to show how many people on the site will disagree with just about anything no matter how stupid it is to do so. Say for instance disagreeing with someone else's question. Real intelligent. That's why there's flame wars.

marionz4131d ago

im waiting for a few reasons before buying a ps3 (no bashing)

1 price dorp
2 games i want
3 decent exclusives
4 evidence its got a graphical edge
5 evidence that the faded look isnt going to be present in all games, yes i hired the console out and it bugged me
6 ports that are the same quality as the 360
7 i want to see better textures, some ive seen are shocking especially resistance
8 psn fully supported in my country, cant get anything but lemmings, GT-HD and a few videos and demos here
9 HDMI cables in the box

i have nothing against the ps3 but these are the things that are stoping me buying it right now, i love alot of things about the console too but at this point i cant justify paying so much for the ps3
i would be disapointed if i bought the ps3 tomorrow, a year down the track things may be different

Satanas4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

"HDMI cables in the box"

All this would do is add price. Not sure why this is such a complaint, I got myself an excellent HDMI cable via Amazon for about $4US.

Here it is:

The price is even lower now. Quite good, gold-plated, 1080p signal, no problems whatsoever. Shipping could bump you to just under $7 though.

Wargasm4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

I think #4 is the most important of that bunch.... if it could be proven that the Ps3 is capable of better graphics as sony had promised then the sales would start to pick up.

But the sleeper-hit sony needs to happen sooner than later is for Blu-ray to become popular, and accepted as the new standard. once this happens the price will be more than justified.

Just a thought however, i am fairly sure that the ps3 may not ever surpass the 360 in the graphical department, mainly because the Rsx isn't quite as powerful as the Xenos (and if you dont believe me look it up). Sony is going to have to take full advantage of the Cell processor to come out on top.

marionz4131d ago

there was deals here in NZ that if you bought a ps3 you got free hdmi cables, but it just comes down to the fact that if its a high def device it should have its own cables out of the box
i would just factor that into the price when i get one, because if im takeing it home to meet my samsung LCD i want it to be able to play nice on it!

original seed4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

but just the fact that your suppose to be buying a 600.00, Next-gen, Sony, High-def, Blu-ray playing machine and you cant get the HD out of the box. Its just unthinkable. It didn't even have to be an HDMI cable. It could have been compomnents ala 360 but instead they include composite.

Edt- beat me to the punch.

Satanas4131d ago

And you don't think adding that dollar amount to the price would create even more moaning? The HDMI cable price ranges from $1-$100+. Besides, different customers will require different cables. I really don't see how this bothers anyone. I would've been simply annoyed if component cables were added, heightening the price, when in fact I do not require them.

Having said that, with the Elite HDMI cables are a good addition since most potential customers will be buying it for its HDMI capability.

To each their own, though.

gogators4131d ago

then how much would it really cost Sony to include them. Hi Def devices should come with Hi Def cables.

JohnCarpenter4131d ago

"The Xbox 1, however, died faster than miscarried baby."
I don't think so. I still have my launch XBOX (but now playing 360), completed more than 30 games on it (some twice or more) and it worked perfectly the last 5 years.

pwnsause4131d ago

well that better textures part is true if you use HDMI Full

Satanas4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

@3.7: You misunderstand. I'm speaking of support for the system. MS stopped support for it quickly after the 360 was released, and within months no new games were being developed, aside from a few that showed up on all consoles (games that were on PS2, Xbox, 360 and PS3), and even still, soon after Xbox support was wholly pulled. Yet, the PS2 is still getting many of those games. Hell, if Manhunt 2 actually is released, that'll be another good game for PS2 owners.

@3.6: Those cables are made to be cheap, you'd never see them with bundled with something like the PS3. You'd need to add on at least $25US (probably the Sony branded) HDMI cables, which would just piss people off further. Considering how many people actually own HDTVs, I really don't agree. And as I said, you should have the choice of which cable and brand to pick up yourself -- whether you get a great deal or rip yourself off with the $100 Monster cables is your own choice.

I stand by what I said for the Elite though, I think it was a good idea for MS to place HDMI cables with it as most purchasers will be using the HDMI functionality (if not, then dumb on them to buy the Elite, as the HDD is sold separately anyhow). If the case was similar with PS3 (separate model w/ HDMI) then, yes, I would think supplying HDMI cables would make sense.

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DrWan4131d ago

We will see how each consoles do after we reach the saturated console sales, meaning old Xbox and PS2 owners. Once those owners have made the transistion, the extra comers are either new converts or new players. Wii has already seem this transistion earlier than they expected. We still have alot of faithful PS2 owners out there, they are a very strong driving force of future sales of PS3s.

original seed4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Lets hope they stay loyal to Sony. The trend right now is that they are more likely to pick up a 360 due to GAMES . But still you have a Valid point

EDIT- You're right. I am speculating. Its based purely on the thought that if a last-gen gamer wanted to upgrade right now they would most likely pick up a 360 because it has more GAMES to chose from. That is unless they are FANBOYS, then they would stick to either a PS3 or 360 based on.....

Satanas4131d ago

@seed: you're purely speculating. I switched from Xbox to PS3, I'm sure many Xbox owners went straight to 360. Either could happen for PS2 owners, but as of now, the PS2 is alive so many may not feel the need to pick up a next gen console. The Xbox 1, however, died faster than miscarried baby.

toughNAME4131d ago

one day PS3 will pass 360
regardless of quality of games and online service
...its pretty sad

just like 3 million ps3's sold with no games? wtf is that? brain washed fanboys who only buy for the name

but then again MS if still new to the console business...give em credit for taking on the two monsters nintendo and sony

original seed4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

they are all Valid. I couldn't beleive Sony didn't had an HDMI cable.

I am looking Foward to Little Big Planet and Ratchet and Clank. The texture on those games look good. Now Heveanly Sword in the other hand has Awful Tetxure with the exception of their Character Models.

Edit- Marionz. I never played ratchet and clank before either but my wife likes platformers. So if i get a PS3 we will play thoses. She's really waiting for Banjo.

marionz4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

thanx, i dont know why i got a disagree, i was just stateing the things im waiting to see before i decide to buy one, like i said i love things about the console too
people say it will show that its got the goods in time, i hope it does but untill then im happy waiting

and yeah LBP liiks like fun, never really been into R&C though (but my mum loves it lol)

^BANJO! me too that games gonna rock

funkysolo4131d ago

So why would you expect hdmi to come with the PS3 since only a third will use it and 2 thirds probably need component cables.