Acclaim Listed In "Top Ten Guerilla Marketers"

According to Mental Floss magazine, Acclaim are one of the ten best Guerilla Marketers in the world. GWN writes,

"In an attempt to promote Turok: Evolution the company offered cash to the first five UK citizens who legally changed their name to Turok (nearly 3,000 people offered to do it).

That one wasn't so bad, but then they decided to step things up (or down?) a notch for Shadow Man 2. Acclaim announced they would pay relatives of the newly dead to put promotional ads on their headstones. People protested, and Acclaim said they were only joking.

In 2002, Acclaim announced a marketing plan for Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance dubbed "bloodvertising", where they would seep a red liquid onto the street from bus shelters over the course of a week. They had to back out of that one, too."

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The Snake4130d ago

At least they're creative.