Console Holiday Releases 2007

In what may go down as one of the most critical holiday seasons in gaming history, the major players in the console market are swinging for the fences. This list is a venerable who's-who of major gaming titles. The list itself is staggering, with more than 60 titles represented. (That's not to mention the titles that omitted for lack of popularity). Just glancing at this list makes their wallet burst into flames.

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ChaosKnight4131d ago

But a couple things... The Wheelman is multi-platform, they are missing quite a few other games such as Naruto (360), Folklore, Beautiful Katamari, Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Getaway 3, Tekken 6, Call of Duty 4... and so many more... Anyways, the near future looks very bright, too bad my pocket seems pretty empty.

Nicosia4130d ago

More games to spoil my time with!

Bioshock – 8/21/07
Blue Dragon - 8/28/07
Eternal Sonata – 9/19/07
Heavenly Sword - 8/7/07
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – TBD ‘07
Assassin’s Creed – 11/3/07 (360, PS3)
Devil May Cry 4 – TBD ‘07 (360, PS3)
Mass Effect – TBD ‘07
Tom Clancy’s Spinter Cell: Conviction – 11/15/07
Too Human – TBD ‘07

Loudninja4130d ago

Its coming out for only the PS3 in 2007

Leogetz4130d ago

I'd hate to have both systems, too many games coming out.
I can't wait for the PS3 game releases though, great looking stuff, this will be a big year for the big 3.

PS360WII4130d ago

Think 2 consoles is tough? Try all 3 and both handhelds...

testerg354130d ago

Yeah same here, except my sons have completely forgotten about the PSP :) Now have to read reviews on multiplatform games to see which ones to get for what console.

sumfood4u4130d ago

360 Naruto is nice & forgotten on the List. PS3 & Wii & 360 Showing Great Promise this Holiday!

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