XCM PS3 Smartplate Review reviews XCM's Smartplate, a cosmetic accessory for the Playstation 3.

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cain1414223d ago

I'm pretty sure I would pass on this item...

Mycococo4223d ago

why would anyone want to hide the chrome! if someone has the 20gb they might want to but its pointless. and how the he11 does someone scratch that piece. if it was a top plate(somemay not know but they do come off with out voiding warranty)then this would be cool. maybe that next

The_Synthetic_Nation4223d ago

Why waste all that effort in making a faceplate when you can just have some non-slick, flexible thingy to put on top? Like skins. =P

drtysouf214223d ago

I think i'd rather have mine colored by colorware or what ever that company is.

SuperSaiyan44223d ago

Is it me or does that faceplate make the PS3 look like horrible?? I prefer it the way it is with the nice chrome and the name PLAYSTATION 3 across the top.

So what if I have to keep cleaning it? Shows how much I care for it doesn't it ;-)

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