Silent Hill Origins Exclusive Hands-On

You know you're going to be in Silent Hill when a game opens up with a warning screen that says, "Some parts of this game may be considered cruel and violent." Uh-huh. It's Silent Hill" Game Informer recently had the opportunity to get a hands-on look at Silent Hill Origins for the PSP. From what they have witnessed so far, even though the horrific style of game is shrunken down to the PSP, it's going to still creep you out.

"The kicker was that even though the game was on a much smaller screen, our hands sweated and heart pounded as if we were playing a full-on entry in the series"

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marionz5635d ago

ive just started playing the verry first silent hill game again, i want to get through them all before the next gen version arrives, best games ever!

PlayStation3605635d ago

Along with Fatal Frame, I believe these 2 franchises may be the best Horror games out there (IMHO ofcourse). I would include Resident Evil, but I believe thats more in the ACTION/horror genre. Speaking of Fatal Frame, I hope they bring that to the PS3/360.

P.S. I may pick this game up. Seems interesting.

mikeslemonade5635d ago

Not really the type of game that I would buy, but this is definately going to help PSP sales. PSP has really gotten my attention lately. I'm still waiting for the best selling Lumines game which was #1 at Amazon for one day.

Counter_ACT5635d ago

This article is 2 months old.

ArduousAndy5635d ago

Picked one up so my dad can play hot shoots golf since he loves playing those games and taking them to the bathroom.

I think picked up Infected and death Jr. Im a huge zombie fan and death jr had a cool art style.

Both games i really didnt enjoy infected looked ugly and death jr. was ok at best.

HOWEVER this one Silent Hill Origins. I will get this game since im a nut for Silent Hill. I also agree Fatal Frame rocks. I just wish part 3 was out for Xbox either 1 or 360.

akaFullMetal5635d ago

this game series, but i might start with this one and pic the others later if i like this one