Saints Row Demo Out For Short While In Germany

German Xbox site Xbox Archiv is reporting the demo for Saints Row was available in Germany for a short while and was pulled down, although it was up long enough for a few people to get through the 894 MB download.

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TheMART5537d ago

Well doesn't matter big time to me. If I'm right and read it right, the demo will be here soon, latest 1st of August. I can wait that little bit :)

xXx557xXx5537d ago

and probably play pathetic too... I seen the gameplay and the graphic look like a PSone Graphic.... ahhahaha such a sad GAME with a sad graphic... hahahah sad just sad ahhah

shotty5537d ago

Why do you guys all sound the same

Trickedbullet5537d ago (Edited 5537d ago )

OXM (Official Xbox Mag.) subscribers already have this demo, at least I do Disk #61. It has Saints row and the best of xbox 1's demos from the last couple disks. I just dont get why OXM keeps sending me defective disks. #60 and the first 360 demo disk were defective. I have also had at least two others in the last couple years.

Asylumchild5536d ago

i have the demo too the game is awsome and online its going to kill I pre ordered the game at EBgames and got the demo for free

SwiftArsonist5536d ago

to see the game is getting good attention. Its gonna be awesome and for the one that said it looks like psone u gotta be kidding me. It looks a thousand times better than san andreas.