PS3 Firmware 1.82 Released

PS3 Firmware 1.82 Released on playstation network now.

Updated Features :

The 1.82 update is going to add AVC-MP4-H.264 High Profile and this may finally open up AVC-MP4 conversion as the main way to go. And there is better software that will write AVC-MP4-H.264 High Profile at the higher bitrates and 1080p resolution.

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Lord Anubis4184d ago

unfortunately I can only up convert to 1080i with Sony's media I haven't used any other software even though the AR series has fullHD.

I like how sony updates the system frequently rather than waiting half a year to release some updates. I will not and no one should wait half a year for a single update.

Adamalicious4184d ago

I agree. I like how they dose it out in smaller increments so that they are easy to install etc. This probably cuts down on potential bugs and such. It's great to see how aggressively they are improving the firmware.

Torch4184d ago

Only this morning I read that it was due to be out in a few days.

My, how time flies. ;)

I'm off to see
My PS3!

Little King4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

I want it to make playing avi possible.

Phantom_Lee4184d ago

I wonder if we ever going to get the wallpaper feature....Im getting tired of seeing the same old background...

Mr Murda4183d ago

There was an article here a couple of days ago that talked about the "rumored" features of update 2.0, and it did include wallpaper feature.

tonsoffun4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

removed - ignorant rambilings of a madman

Torch4184d ago

Can someone elaborate the benefit of this added codec?

I've been long using Video9 to convert my Divx/Xvid AVI's (although I shouldn't need to...aarrrgh!!!) to H.264 (AVC 480p 1024kbs Stereo/128kbs.)

What's the practical application for this new one?

Lord Anubis4184d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

you guys been going to the stage6 site?

a growing site, infinitely better than youtube and very good compression for web. DVD quality videos. You can find new movie releases on the site.

I already said too much. :P

trust me, check the site often and you will be entertained for several days.

the site is the main reason I want sony to add the divx web video player codecs.

Torch4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Never heard of it...

Just took a peek...why do you mention it? (heh, heh...SHOULD we be going to this site???)

I don't get the site's main premise. Does it just consist of a group of various Divx videos?

Never mind. I found the 'About Us' section at the bottom of my screen. I officially added the site to my growing 'Video' bookmarks. Looks worth keeping.

I'd bubble you up, but you're already done. Put it on my tab. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.