Heavy Rain Explores Player Depression With Freezes And Glitches

Players across multiple regions are reporting technical issues with their copies of Heavy Rain, with word of out-of-sync audio, full-on freezes, and unloadable auto-saves filling the official forums, giving players an ironic taste of the depression the game explores.

Despite having to download a rather substantial patch on launch day, or perhaps because of it, players in North America and Europe are experiencing glitches with Heavy Rain.

Others are experiencing more severe issues. Reports of the game locking up at various points are common, and an issue with auto-saves not loading and players having to go back hours in the game to find a working restart point.

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edwineverready3929d ago

just gave it a 9/10. I don't think these problems are wide spread, but still annoying for the people that encounter it!

chrisulloa3929d ago

Kotaku doesn't use a rating system.

Alcohog3928d ago

I didn't encounter a single issue in my 11 hour playthrough.