Gamespot reviews Overlord. 6.5

Perhaps most disappointing of all is the fact that, for a ruthless and malevolent overlord who cares for nothing but power and chaos, your capacity for true, genuine evil is pretty limited. Motivations aside, the nature of the quests you take on aren't that different from what a "high-fantasy hero would be up to. Yes, you can choose whether certain characters live or die, and there are a few situations that can be resolved with varying degrees of bloodshed, but the choices you make have little impact on the course of the game. Good and evil are subjective concepts, and if there are no real negative consequences, there's no way to determine if your actions qualify.

As overreaching as Overlord can be, it's still preferable for a game to try and fall a little short than for it to simply scrape by with just enough, and the game should be commended for its efforts. It's a good-looking game, and watching the minions do their stuff does provide a deviant thrill, though the shortcomings of the controls and the bad camera get in the way. Ultimately, though, Overlord just isn't evil enough to live up to its name."

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Excalibur4129d ago

It's a great game.

FYI, For those folks that don't have XBox Live and want to get the Dashboard Updates, Overlord has them on the disk and will install them before it even loads the game.

power of Green 4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Controls are fine i'll be picking it up. you're not suppose to control the charetor and minions independantly you use the right stick and the left together to control the camera better and this will give you a cinamatic feel the way the devs intended for gamers to play the game doing this will move the charector better while giving the minions a life of their own yet loosely doing what you want them to do untill you give them specific orders; try it and you'll see what the devs were trying to achieve, its actually ahead of its time providing gameplay like you're controlling a movie rather than turn base in any sense(JRPG)(a step beyond GRAW).

This game is missunderstood. Reviewers have been off this generation. From the demo the game seems fine.

Excalibur4129d ago

It took me all of 5 min to figure out how to control them separately.

On a side note, what a funny game.
I had the minions kick in a door and loot a home and a lady came running out yelling Someone save the beer from those awful

The people in the village say funny things too when the Overlord walks by them.

nextgengaming184129d ago

Sigh. Going to be massive idiots on both fronts stating this game didn't flop.

FCOLitsjustagame4128d ago

Games been getting mixed reviews, its very interesting. I wonder if this is just one of those games that if you dont have a certain sense of humor you wont get.

I also had no issues with the controls in the demo but we only had one type of minion. I have the full game and should be able to give my own opinions after this weekend. I never thought this would be an AAA game but I figured it would be in the "good" range for GS 7ish. But still, as always, its one players opinion and the review was on the PC version not the 360 version so maybe he was expecting something different.

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The story is too old to be commented.