Master Chief makes his debut on PS3

Independent: PlayStation 3 owners have long assumed that there's more chance of Satan skiing to work than Master Chief ever gracing their console.

Well, it looks like the seven circles are in for a cold snap right now following the release of 'Halo Legends' last week, a collection of short anime stories on DVD and PS3-compatible Blu- Ray. All right, so it's not the Chief in full interactive form, but the title's high quality animation should satisfy fans and continues a recent trend of game-toanime adaptations.

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Cajun Chicken4017d ago

Ironic that you can't watch it on hi-def physical format on 360...

Cold 20004017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

You've got to be dumb to think that Sony and MS "hate" each other.

They're ruthless competitors in the gaming business but thats about it.

Moreover its a Bluray film. Not a game. I dont wee whats the fuss about.

It's as if a Killzone film came out in DVD and bluray. Say I pick the DVD version and watch it on my 360...euh...ok...and so what ?

blitz06234017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

There IS no fuss. You're just going anti-Sony again and pretending Sony fanboys are going crazy over Master Chief going to the PS3. You go and preach that you've got to be dumb if you think Sony and MS hate each other, but it's very clear that you yourself hate Sony. What does that make you?

You see, people like you don't really have any meaningful to say whenever you post and should just keep your mouth shut. At least Bungie gives me a laugh every now and then. You say you don't see the fuss? Why are you posting in this article then? So you can let people know you don't care about Master Chief in bluray? Anything else?

Cold 20004017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

I know people like you are paranoid but I think sometimes you go a bit too far.
My post was reallyyyyy anti Sony huh.../sarcasm.

So now saying that MS and Sony are business partners is "anti-Sony". Ok if you say so lol.

If I said that its because we have seen already several articles like this and dont see whats the fuss all about that you can watch a bluray with Master Chief on the PS3...(wow great)

Whats so hard ?
And I dont hate Sony, I have a PS1, PS2, PSP and a PS3. I hate Sony fanboys because they are...incredible.

That said I repeat you have got to be dumb to believe that Sony and MS hate each other. If you felt concerned about the "dumb" part too bad for you.

EDIT: Woh dont get into a fit kid. I'm still trying to figure out what part of my post above is putting you in this state.
Anyways I voiced my opinion on the subject. If it disturbs you well simply GTFO lol.

Nah serioiusly, maybe you're tired and you need some sleep or something.

GreenRingOfLife4017d ago

Everybody wants The Chief on their console

can't wait to get the bluray version on my PS3 bluray movie player

Hellsvacancy4017d ago

Yay, a jaggy free Master Chief

Kamikaze1354017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

You're the first person to make a fuss out of anything. If anything, you're being the fanboy, lol. Also, why are only Sony fanboys "incredible"? What about every other kind of fanboy in the world? Lol

LtSkittles4017d ago

Green, you do not own a PS3, and therefore cannot buy the bluray version.

Cajun Chicken4017d ago

Jeez. I should have put that sarcastic comment in the open zone.

Saaking4017d ago

This thing is going no where near my PS3. I already watched the whole thing and seriously, my Ps3 deserves better.

Godmars2904017d ago

The companies may not hate each other, but MS takes great pains the crowd the Xbox brand into Playstation's space.

Which was the exact intent when MS saw the market Sony had created.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4017d ago

If people who don't own an Xbox this is the way to go. If you own an Xbox you can watch this in 1080p over Live and some episodes for free in Waypoint.

blind-reaper4017d ago

I've already played as masterchief in my PS3, I mean in Unreal Tournament 3 with help of the mods. lol that was cheap!

Gamerbee4017d ago Show
presto7174017d ago

who takes the time to watch a halo anime???? Haha. Thats just like reading a Halo book. Lol. Oh wait...

What did I just do?

4016d ago
AKNAA4016d ago

Don't put that Halo blu-ray disc in the PS3!! it might be infected with the RROD! lol, I kid, I kid...

but seriously though... I don't care for it.

FACTUAL evidence4016d ago

As a ps fan, I have to say this was dumb...that's like saying, "thought u were never going to see pokemon on your ps3!? well here's pokemon the blu ray movie!!"....pathetic if you ask. If it was a game....then ok. Disagree all ya guys want but oh wellz.

DatNJDom814016d ago

The halozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz movie? So whack. My God. GTFO..........

swice4016d ago

I'll give you a bubble C. I see nothing offensive in your post. People got angry quick on this one

PopEmUp4016d ago

Not the Power Ranger :P

vhero4016d ago

Oh the irony that MS made it available on blu-ray after saying blu-ray is not the future.. Honestly another piece of proof MS constantly talks out of their ass.

BuZzz Killington4016d ago

why didnt halo legendz go to hd-dvd instead of blu ray....there the same quality....ohhh silly me yes now i remember hd-dvd is chillin with the XBOX 1.false alarm guys carry on lmao :P but on a serious note guys dvd quality up converted to 1080p looks the same as 1080p bluray,so thus concludes there really is no reason for blu ray /s

the funny thing is even if this was a halo game debuting and not a movie format, what ps3 gamer was waiting for halo to come to there console most gamers that buy the ps3 dont care for halo hence not buying a 360 instead lol

Syronicus4016d ago

Unreal Tournament III. Just download the skins and get your Master Chief game on.

Mr_Bun4016d ago Show
JasonXE4016d ago

movies aren't worth the purchase.

inveni04016d ago

I'm not sure that there are any PS3 owners who would like Halo to see their console at all... I know I would prefer it to stay where it is. I would rather have more innovation, personally.

But, yeah...BluRay on PS3 means nothing. There's a ton of Sony movies that the 360 can play.

Sez 4016d ago

i admire MS. 1) they allow sony laptop to use windows OS. 2) they allow sony to put master chief on blu-ray to play on ps3. what has sony done for MS.

xxchicago33xx4016d ago

Yeah your right....Sony hasn't done anything for Microsoft. I guess giving them a worldwide distribution platform for their OS and program suite didn't do anything for them (computers, e readers etc). Sony doesn't have to distribute Microsoft products. Besides gaming do you even know how many partnerships these two companies have? Gaming is simply a drop in the bucket.

If you're going to make a comment don't be a dumb sh^& about it. Go read a fu&*ing book and get off the internet. You might learn something.

2Spock4016d ago

I mean really if anyone believed the title then you are a ....... This is the kind of idiot's we have living amongst us in the world. Probably the same idiots i shake my head at daily while i drive.

otherZinc4016d ago

I played the Dual Halo Legends DVD on my HD Player on my 360, so what are you talking about.

Also, SONY people should enjoy the Halo Universe footage.

Sez 4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

i think it's you that needs to read. and get your heart off your sleeve everytime someone doesn't kiss the all mighty sony @ss. sony didn't provide a worldwide distribution platform for MS OS. MS was already doing that on other PC's before sony started making vaio's. MS has 80% of the OS market. WTF did sony do to help in that. please explain. because last time i check. MS makes money off of sony for thier OS being on sony computer. not MS paying sony to distribute windows.

yes we all know that these two companies do business in other areas except gaming. just as i'm sure you know that MS provides VC-1 for blu-ray.

eagle214016d ago

and probably next, if he isn't on PS4... wink :)

Old Greg4016d ago

...SEE IT.

I loved it. Alot.

BlackTar1874016d ago

whos main goal isnt about hating halo.

Is it worth buying? I like anime etc i like halo and want to not waste money since im pretty sure my local blockbuster doesnt carry it.

Can i rent this off Live?

Please give me a middle ground response it would be much appciated.

Timesplitter144016d ago

Hurr Durr Mario is multiplat now I can watch the movie on my PS3

xxchicago33xx4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

I can't possibly teach you economics here. I see you typed some words into Google though..... so that's a start. Don't worry buddy you'll get there someday. I think they start teaching economics in 10th grade.

Good Luck.


I do own a PS3 by the way and I do enjoy it. But I think my posts are pretty unbiased. I think whatever system you own is irrelevant as long as you enjoy it. I just didn't like your comment so I let you know.

reaferfore204016d ago

Master Chief's debut on PS3 was in the form of a character mod for UT3:

gintoki7774016d ago

well in my opinion .....master chief + gracing the console? 0.0

Sez 4016d ago

1)you teach me economics. you have to learn it first to be able to teach anyone.i highly doubt your even in 10th grade. being as you keep putting an "s" at the end of vega75. which is telling me you don't know how to read a simple name. so how can you begin to try and teach anyone economics. start with the basic first ok. V.E.G.A 75. see theres no "s"

2) my link was to show you that yes MS and sony does do business together. and not just with OS's and this halo movie.which is something that you didn't do. and again sony didn't help distrubute MS's OS. they where already out before sony thought of vaio. do you have some to back up your claim. or because you felt butthurt behind my comment that you thought your little insult was something.

listen kid. just because you moved to a school. where your parents don't have to sign you lunch card. doesn't mean your a grown up. k kid.

4016d ago
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GeneralCole4017d ago

This article was a waste of time. Can't wait for God of War 3!

Hellsvacancy4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

I know but people hav wasted my time 2-day so i took it upon myslef 2-try and get that time back by "wastin other peoples time" (hence y i posted this)

Heres a bubble, c, wasnt a total loss

George Sears4017d ago

Hmm I guess this is N4G's sensationalist flameable title of the week.

simplyRealistic184017d ago

why are people so happy about this it's just a movie get over it

JonnyBigBoss4017d ago

Didn't they announce this back in August?

baraka0074017d ago

Yes but this site hasn't gotten a bunch of hits from a misleading title yet so...