190° Dead or Alive: Paradise Preview "Dead or Alive, an unusually "exotic" beat-em up series by Team Ninja, makes its way onto the PlayStation Portable for the first time in the form of Dead of Alive: Paradise. It's due to land in all regions on the 2nd of April, but the game is not going for its usual genre this time. Much like with the Dead or Alive Xtreme spin-off titles, this game is set to go against the grain."

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Sanrin3869d ago

I hear there is a special circle of hell that is reserved for people who play and enjoy this.

somekyle3869d ago

As long as I can bring my PSP!

Sanrin3869d ago

Maybe Dantes Inferno already covered it...

Selyah3869d ago

Hehe i'm sure there is

HardcoreGamer3869d ago

everyone seems to want to go to hell?

worse part is if it does exist the people want in on hell will deffinetly end up there.

as for this game hahahahahaha

vickers5003869d ago

I'll be in my bunk.

(Firefly ftw!)

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Kittenz3869d ago

On the interwebz it's spelled "bewbs"

ShawnCollier3868d ago

At least you can't say "Tits or GTFO" about this game. :p