Oldschool 2D Franchises that Deserve Another Chance

Since the industry's shift to 3D in the 32/64 bit generation 2D titles have been shamelessly neglected by the majority of developers. With the move to three dimensions it was widely believed that 2D games were not bankable and best left on handhelds, the real opportunities had moved to the third dimension. For a decade the great 2D efforts have been few and far between, but things have begun to change in the last few years.

New Super Mario Bros. proved to Nintendo that 2D was still viable, and the DS as a platform has had more then a few excellent 2D titles. Just this year, Odin Sphere and Super Paper Mario have spearheaded 2D's revival on consoles and are proving that style of gameplay is far from finished.

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Zidandy4133d ago

Donkey Kong Country FTW.

Eldon34133d ago

I really miss Donkey Kong Country. (my fav 2d game)

neogeo4133d ago

I want my 2d games back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Torch4133d ago

and I'm in heaven!

(Pssst: I heard a rumor that pressing 'up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start' on the N4G home page, you'll get thirty bubbles!...C'mon, Try it!)

Bathyj4133d ago

Rygar, Wonderboy, Bombjack and Black Tiger/Dragon.

Torch4133d ago

Say, was that the arcade platform of that dude who used to throw the shield at people in all different directions?

Each checkpoint/stage would be signified by a rotating statue, which he'd pass, right? Yeah, that was cool....(or maybe THAT was Rygar?)

And Wonderboy!...that became THE reason to own a Sega Master System. Between my friends and I, we wore that cartridge out. Then there was Wonderboy in Monster World...completely different, but soooo fun.

crippler6664133d ago

Would be nice to see them all return, but please leave the movement in 2D? Make the graphics how you want, but please everything is not good in 3D.

Torch4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

<ahem!>Mortal Kombat<ahem!>