First Wave of Natal Games: "Fun, Simple And Family-Oriented" According to Microsoft, the first games released for Xbox 360 add-on Natal will be anything but "Core." At a press event and Natal demo last night in Europe, Erin Hofto, Xbox 360 product manager showed off a tech demo for the system and said, "What you see here is just the beginning, this game is about 12 months old, but we do see the first titles for being very similar in design: fun, simple and family orientated."

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FishCake9T44017d ago

"From the review, it seems that the game is kinda fun, the technology works, but playing it takes a certain amount of physical stamina. "The demo game forces you to jump, punch and kick almost non-stop for around a minute – we found even five rounds exhausting," reports SiliconRepublic's Jonathan McCrea.

You know MS are gonna advertise this as heatlthy gaming and make a tonne of money.

sinncross4017d ago


but it sounds like Natal is launching with a slew of casual games... hmm

Bnet3434017d ago

That would be the smart thing to do, but EA has already stated they will be making EA Sports Active for PS3/360.

-Alpha4016d ago

Traditional gamer is fat and/or lazy. I wonder how they will incorporate games like Gears with this, or even COD which requires fast paced action. Survival of the fittest?

As long as this is an option I don't mind, but it's a little ironic MS claims they feel the controller is limited. Anyways, I have my hopes for Natal to bring forth new, interesting experiences, but I'm still not sold on how core games will work for core audiences. Time will tell.

Bigpappy4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Exercise, bowling, Dance, boxing, tennis, mini soccer, puzzles, board games,interactive adventure games... Many casual game that can be easily implemented. Natal will do it different from the Wii. PS3 motion on the other hand seems to follow the same concept as the Wii and would lead to more direct ports. Hopefully they can update those ports (This could mean PSmotion launch with more games than Natal). The one that is more involved and fun to play will grab more casuals.

Christopher4016d ago

2 out of those 3 I don't want in my games, unfortunately.

Fable 2's simplicity annoyed the heck out of me, I'm sure even more simple fare would do worse. Family games just aren't what I look for in games.

C'mon Microsoft, don't pull a Nintendo on your fanbase.

AKNAA4016d ago

"we do see the first titles for being very similar in design: fun, simple and family orientated."

In other words, we're(MS) completely focused on the casual players and since wii is able to sell sh1t games on their system, then why can't we?!
afterall, I don't think the hardcore 360 fanbase will mind just as long as we Toss some Halo here, some expansion packs there! and BAM! we(MS) are good baby yeah!

captain-obvious4016d ago

i don't know about you guys
but i tried the other day to pretend playing burnout using NATAL
so im setting on my chair my arms are in the air and my feet are just like if im putting them on peddles
and i swear to god
i couldn't hold up for more than 3 mints on that position

so yah
if i got NATAL it wont be to play driving games

thebudgetgamer4016d ago

but the idea of video games bringing families together is always good.

Saaking4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

I don't care about all this casual crap. I want MS to actually SHOW us how they'll implement this in hardcore games. Other than casual, simple titles (with Lag of course) I don't see the use for Natal? Other than to try (and probably fail) to take down the Wii.

You won't see soccer moms and grandparents buying a 360. Never.

Completely agree, however you fail to take into account the large amount of blinded, misinformed customers that will buy anything MS hypes up. Those foolish people are the ones MS expects to buy Natal. Just like they've bot a failure prone console, expensive HDDs, overprice Wi-fi adapter, paid for online etc.

It's pathetic and sad, but unfortunately true.

Anon19744016d ago

Natal is for the casuals, plain and simple. The problem is, casuals don't own the 360 and they don't know what the hell Natal is. Casuals know the Wii because everyone at the office has one for their kids, it's cheap and it has Mario. Natal cannot compete with that. Casuals aren't going to risk buying a 360 and Natal to play god knows what when the Wii is cheaper, you don't need any attachments that don't already come with it and it has characters they all recognize.

I seriously wonder who Microsoft thinks is going to buy this.

4016d ago
presto7174016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

I only work out when I'm at the gym. I got my gloves on, earphones for music, mirrors, the works...

Don't force me to continue my work out when I get back from the gym and want to play a game. Okay...

SilentNegotiator4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Casual games....with a CAMERA PERIPHERAL?! No way, guys!

morganfell4016d ago

You can't play Gears with Natal without also using the controller. You may be able to do things like duck and lean, but you can't stand in front of Natal and pull your finger and have the weapon fire. It won't work like that.

For those titles for which the 360 is known, Natal will be about as useful as the Sixaxis. Basically the MS plan is to either get standard gamers to play casual games, or get the families that have already invested in a Wii to buy a 360 and Natal.

You decide if that plan will work.

sikbeta4016d ago

So, is not a "Hardcore" Thing, is more like a Casual thing, the same way the "wand" is, in the end is just a gimmick motion-camera-way to play WII-STYLE of games...

Motion-Control = CASUAL GAMING, no more, no less...

ryuzu4016d ago

Wow - MS must have misheard its customers. We've been asking for decent 360 exclusives and here's what they've come up with - a bunch of Wii rip offs! Nopt only that but with so many of them being 3rd party they're probably not even exclusive - I'm so looking forward to all those Wii/360 ports...

Great :/


commodore644016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Family oriented, fun, simple.

Isn't that exactly what has made nintendo number 1 this gen?
I also just don't understand the detractors who say MS is not giving us hardcore HD experiences.
Did they conveniently forget about Halo reach, alan wake, ME2, crackdown etc?

I am looking forward to working out with a natal fitness game, or a boxing game, or even an interactive martial arts rpg!

Why are the lazy, fat, old couch potatoes always the loudest in complaining about everything, especially Natal?
Time to shut the piehole and get off the couch, you overweight geeks.

Natl and the 360 will showcase exemplary hardcore games, while offering well supported, innovative casual games too.
If you just want hardcore, then don't buy Natal.

GiantEnemyCrab4016d ago

"C'mon Microsoft, don't pull a Nintendo on your fanbase. "

I don't think they will be as bad as Nintendo has been but I can say as a core 360 gamer I'd rather have them working on top notch AAA games.

I hope MS can find a balance, Nintendo hasn't. I agree with your statement.

Red Panda4016d ago

In all fairness that is to be expected and it was pretty obvious given the trailers that were released. But my question still remains how will they implement natal gameplay to appeal to the "core"? That seems to me to be quite a challenge and I remain rather curious about the future outcome. Only time will reveal all that goes unanswered. The Panda needs to sleep..........and poop.

Pillage054016d ago

I sure hope they don't start making games like gears, cod, kz, and other competitive online games compatible with the motion/controller-less crap. seems like it should be easier to point and shoot than use an analog stick. might mess with balancing issues is all i'm saying. Atleast I used to play metroid and Cod 3 on the wii and I thought it was at least a little easier.

morganfell4016d ago

With no controller you won't be able to point and shoot. It doesn't work like that.

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Dance4017d ago

What do you think the second wave of Natal games will be?

SOAD4017d ago

More of the same. It looks like MS is going to do exactly what I assumed they would do. The developers have no intention of developing core games that utilize Natal. Rather, they will design cheap exercise games built just for Natal. And if they do use Natal in a core game, it probably won't have a big impact on the gameplay, so gamers who prefer the controller won't be alienated or forced into purchasing Natal. This begs the question, "Exactly what is Microsoft trying to accomplish with Natal that hasn't already been accomplished with the Nintendo Wii?" Didn't the Wii attract a larger number of non-gamers who bought the device for such games as Wii Fit? Why would these people pay another couple hundred bucks for a 360+Natal bundle?

Or does MS think that they surely will pay for it?

Bnet3434017d ago

I'm not sure about the second wave, but does anyone remember they had Kojima, Inafune (Megaman creator), and some guy from Sega say they will be making Natal games? I may be wrong, but if I am right, I'm interested what developers like them will make.

Saaking4016d ago

The second wave will be......

"fun, simple and family-oriented" games.... so will the third... and fourth... and so on.

Other than simple games, Natal doesn't have much use. Running a meager max of 30 FPS and not having it's own processor means that it IS pretty much a slightly upgraded Eyetoy. What did the Eyetoy have? "fun, simple, family-oriented" games.

Get my point?

Biggest4016d ago

Does he have anything to do with the whole 8-bit Megaman is cool again thing? If no, color me not interested in his Natal games.

Vespertine4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

No Saaking, we do not "get your point"
And I know I'm not the only one who's tired of seeing your comments.

I'm thinking once more developers start getting the hang of Natal, we'll start seeing "hardcore" games, but games that use Natal to "enhance the experience" with traditional controls (using the Xbox 360 controller + Natal)

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Natsu X FairyTail4017d ago

So If the 1st wave of games are family oriented this most likely mean that the 2nd wave wont come before christmans 2010 which mean we'll probably see the Real stuff in 2011.

Guess it's eff natal then.

we won4017d ago (Edited 4016d ago )


It wasn't clear to you they where trying to tap into the casual Wii market first back when Natal was announced?

I don't think the casual consumers MSFT is trying to win over care if hardcore gamers are upset and neither does MSFT.

MSFT announced Natal with casuals games not with M rated shooters filled with sex lol

I don't think Natal haters fear all the "hardcore" games that will be on Natal. They hate Natal because it will attract the casual bulk of available trend-casual gamers attention.

It's the sales of the the 360 console based on casual appeal that garners hate, not because hardcore gamers are upset.

This is why Sony made the wand, so they could tap into that market as well. Any Sony fanboy saying anything different is in denial.

GUCommander4017d ago

This isn't surprising at all. They are trying to emulate Nintendo's success (to a degree)

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