Ubisoft will have the quality advantage in the next generation, claims publisher boss

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has thrown down the gauntlet to his competition, claiming superior investment in next-generation development means the French firm will have the best titles as it focuses on becoming number two games publisher in the west.

Guillemot laid out Ubisoft's aggressive corporate strategy in an exclusive interview with our sister site Eurogamer TV, coming off the back of a critically-lauded E3 showcase, spearheaded by hotly-tipped next-gen action-adventure Assassin's Creed.

Asked what differentiated his company's titles from rivals, Guillemot said: "I think it's our investment in the next-gen consoles. We invest more in the next-gen consoles than our competitors so we will create better quality games."

This investment will drive a rapid expansion of Ubisoft's development resources, with Guillemot pledging to "grow our studios by 600 people per year".

"We know have 2,900 people in our creative studios, and the goal is to keep opening new studios in new countries and increasing the size of some of the studios we have, we can continue to grow quite rapidly," he added.

Indeed, since the interview was conducted, Ubisoft has further bolstered its resources with last week's acquisition from Atari of UK-based Driver developer Reflections, bringing a further 80 staff into the fold.

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zypher5404d ago (Edited 5404d ago )

sounds SLIGHTLY arrogant, sort of like a console manufacturer we all know. just maybe Ubisoft and said manufacturer are actually in cahoots, which would bode well the prospect of Assassins Creed remaining exclusive to that system. ; ) now, let the fanboy frenzy begin.

bloop5404d ago

True, he does sound arrogant, but Ubi are making some of the best games out there at the moment. Sign of a good business man, if you want to be the best, you have to believe you are the best, hehehe. Just thank Gawd EA didnt get their mits on them.

ASTAROTH5404d ago

I believe Ubi would be a great next gen developer. Its going to take the max out of each console. They are better and a lot more creative developer than say EA. The only thing they dont have its a big budget. But the big three could help them.

zonetrooper55403d ago

well UBI and EA have very big and deep pockets. they will produce awesome games every now and then and in between them great games there are rubbish or crap games.


ubisoft have been doing some top stuff on the 360 and have had one of the top selling games on the system, so i think their support is going to last a while...

shotty5403d ago

**Walks in** Rumors of a possible Microsoft buyout of Ubisoft **Walks out**

I have read rumors on the internet that microsoft was considering buying Ubisoft but this is only a rumor. If it happens it's great for xbox owners since first party games are cheaper but also since ubisoft makes some pretty good games.

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