Rumor: Virtua Fighter 5 to have online matches on the 360

According to a reputable poster on NeoGAF (who supposedly work for 1up/Ziff), Virtua Fighter 5 should have online according to the original post that read.

"Version C? Online? It looks like it's going to be a reality, no kidding here."

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PS360WII4132d ago

A forum for news? Probably not, but dang if it were true I think I smell a much heated debate

Omegasyde4131d ago

Awesome another forum post starting a rumor! Even the person who started the thread had no source either.
Then there is the whole saying from sega saying "Virtua Fighter 5 relies on key timing and lag would greatly effect the presentation."

It could be true, however since almost every title for the Xbox360 has some kind of Xbox live connection.

power of Green 4132d ago

Half the news posted on this site is from forums just because its in the 360's favor doesn't mean its all of a sudden against the rules and is BS.

nextgengaming184131d ago

Is because it is either very pro for one system, or is detrimental for one system. This caters to both, and still has no evidence to back it up. I don't care if it is pro playstation 3, xbox 360, or wii. It is still not news.

predator4132d ago

if true i will get it, if not i will rent it, simple as

CrazzyMan4132d ago

But i don`t see a problem of releasing patch for ps3 version, like Namco did with Tekken 5:DR. =)
Anyway, good news, if x360 gets online, same goes for ps3. :)
Really good news for gamers! =]

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The story is too old to be commented.