UK likely to get both versions of PlayStation 3 - Sony

But 20GB and 60GB models may not both go on sale at launch. SCE UK's David Wilson has told that both the 20GB and 60GB versions of the PlayStation 3 are likely to go on sale in the UK - but not neccessarily on the day the console launches.

According to Wilson, Sony is currently in "a period of open consultation with retail and consumers to decide on the best way to approach the impending launches of both skus."

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Alexander5408d ago

Thats nice dear, lucky for the idi..people that buy one, atleast now they dont have to pay for what they dont need. Well theres still the bluray player, but meh.

xXx557xXx5408d ago

play game on 1 disc than 2-5 disc and with extra space, the developer wont be needing to reuse the same content thruw out the game like for an example "Oblivion".

Alexander5408d ago (Edited 5408d ago )

You'd rather pay the extra cash, and wait the extra year just so that you can play the Final Fantasy game in 2009 without having to change discs?
I say Final Fantasy, but I could mean any far off japanese game with a ridiculas amount of CGI cutscenes.

Oh yeh, it's "I'd rather" by the way.

xXx557xXx5408d ago (Edited 5408d ago )

why should i spend 400$ on a dvd gaming system with it 90% of it gern are noting more than FPS games? When I could spend 100$ more and get a great variety of gerns and with a next gen BR player with a better storage.

Don't tell me that 6.9gb of space are going to be enough, because that is just wishful thinking.

THAMMER15408d ago

I think that the 360 is the better choice due to cost, level of quality, and Software. I understand what you mean about switching discs due to limited space on a DVD9 but it has already been proven that 9 gigs will be fine at least until the next console generation. Every game that you have played has had the same content over and over through out the whole game. You should know that if you are a real gamer and have played games on any console. You have confused game development with game console. You should know better than to think that 90% of 360 games are fps games. That would be like saying that 90% of PS2/3 games are RPG's. I really think you are looking to start an argument. So I will say this to you, Brand loyalty is O.K. if you can be agonist about that and say that is why you are ready for the PS3 not because it is better than the 360. If you look at what you want from a game console that uses an HD DVD format but dose not have the components to or services to support the hype I say get it and be happy with it. But I have to tell you all of the information from all of the major websites and development companies is coming back that you should buy this thing at your own risk. I have been gaming for 21 years and the PS3 so far dose not look like it will be all that it is cracked up to be. I can tell you really like Sony and PS but think most of us do. I know there is allot of Sony haters I am not one at all. I love Sony electronics I still buy a new Sony walkmans, and mp3 players for myself, friends and family members because cause Sony is a familiar brand name and loved electronics company. When I pick a game console it is like a hunter choosing his weapon, or a president picking a vice president so I really know how you feel about the PS3. But I have chosen a 360 for that same reason. I would buy my second console now just like most of us will there will be a lot of 360 and PS3 owners in the near future but is it sucks I will not buy it at all. And so far I am not impressed to the point of being a fan. HD DVD should be an option.

Sorry for the length. I say that to all the girls. LOL : ^ )

achira5407d ago

sorry but nothing is prooven. prooven is only that some publishers sayed that they will use the bd and that its not good that the xbox360 has an "old" media. you know they will use it, and you know this will result in better games !