Naughty Dog is moving

Arne: Naughty Dog is proud to reveal that after 6 years in our current studio space, it's time for the Dogs to move on to a bigger, better Kennel. As of March 1, 2010, we'll be based out of our new studio less than 500 feet away from our current space.

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captain-obvious4017d ago

as much as i would love to see uncharted3
i just really cant wait to see what that they got in mind after uncharted

himdeel4017d ago

...Drake and company will be back by 2011 if they keep they're 18+/- month turn around between Drake games. I'm equally excited about what's next for them as well. Maybe Jax & Dax will show up on PS3 but somehow I doubt it.

rockleex4017d ago

A: More RPG-like
B: More open world-like
C: Takes the story into a more mature and deeper experience
D: Stick with the same formula? :(

I have no problems with D.

But I think Naughty Dog always wants to challenge and outdo themselves.

Just take a look at how Jak and Daxter's gameplay evolved as the series went on, it became a dark sandbox game!

gaffyh4017d ago

I hope this means that Naughty Dog can hire more people, and work on two IPs at a time, like Insomniac. Say what you want about Resistance and Ratchet, but that is the perfect way to make games. Ratchet caters to the younger audience and fans of the series, meaning next gen when they are older they will remember Insomniac. And Resistance caters to older gamers now.

Naughty Dog could do the same with Jak & Daxter and Uncharted, and I hope to God they do because I really want a console Jak & Daxter game.

mastiffchild4017d ago

I don't know if you're right about that Gaffy. Insomniac, by the sounds of it(and TWO underpolished Resistance games(not that I don't like them I just dn't think they had the time to make them great as they should have been)they don't really have two full teams in the original studio. Don't they have, like, most of their workforce on the game coming out next and the roles reverse once it comes out? That's how it sounds to me and Insomniacs noble commitment to the fans and to Sony have also meant games out quickly but not always as they could have been.

They can do R&C(which is always wonderfully slick and entertaining and for EVERY age of gamer)in their sleep so that fits fine with the set up but FoM was, imo, rshed for launch of PS3 and R2 denied enough polishing time in order to clear the boards fr KZ2. IDK for sure it was Sony pressure butn you have to think it might have been and if so, hopefully, R3 gets a bit longer to gestate.

Having juust one series at a time has meant ND coming into the light this gen as nearly top dog among the Sony devs and the fact they can concentrate all workers to a title at all times means they haven't rushed anything or split their workforce. Anyway, I'm pretty certain I've read that the way I mentioned is how Insom work and if so it does leave newer IPs at a disadvantage as they seemingly insist on a game out every year even if it means less man hours of work put into them than ND managed with Uncharteds 1 and 2.

How the new Insomniac studio affects this is what we don't know and it could allow a game per year from Insom AND allow them more and more polish as, so far this gen, they seem to be the Sony(well, independent but exclusive to Sony atm)flavoured developer that HASN'T had the room and time or manpower to really go for it. Imagine if FoM had the time and budget of a KZ2?

I'm sure they're still building in size and will eventualy become multi platform developers but so far they haven't, imo, been given , or allowed themselves, a real chance to flex their full creative muscles because either the fans want a game pronto or Sony do! And Ted and the gang are just way too cool t make us wait!

I'd love their imagination let loose on something with more time and money behind it though as I think there's every bit as much talent there as anywhere in the gaming world. I could have it all wrong about the way they split their teams but I'm pretty sure I've read it right and it just seems like the othe devs have stolen some on Insomniac's thunder and it would be great to see exactly what they're capable of.

Last rumours I heard were the two developing games were R3 and an action RPG inspired by Zelda styled games but with a western influence as well which could, given the chance, be incredibly cool! Definitely any time you see people claiming to work at the new spot they seem very confident and excited about the mystery game and genuinely gutted they can't share what they know! Exciting!

Cool to see ND growing on the back of some stellar performances this gen that built way in advance of the already excellent J&D PS2 games. Most improved may have to go to GG for the incredible step up in form from KZ1 to KZ2 but ND have done better, imo, in improving from an already impressive place. SP are in a similar boat and, much as I love inFamous(which has some incredible gameplay, acting and set up)you imagine nexttime out is the one to watch.

Thrilling times on the first and second party front for Sony devs.

AKNAA4017d ago

ND should make an RPG game... If you played it and explored the "village" you would know why I think they should.

Cajun Chicken4017d ago

They could out 'Broken Sword' Broken Sword.

Hmm, maybe you're right, but I'd like Naughty Dog to stay a little on the platform/friendly blockbuster way of things, I don't think they should make things too complex, that's what makes their games so loved.

cmrbe4017d ago

While they are better than most games out now they are not on the same level as games like KZ2 or U2. Thats a given. There is no question that IG could achieve what GG and ND has done if they had more time. I think it was just a bussiness descision for them to sacrafice quality a bit output more games. Lets not forget that IG has released 4 PS3 games sofar compare to ND 2 and GG 1. Heck even SM is just about to release their first as well as PD.

However i do believe that IG are really aiming for R3 to be on the same level as KZ2 or better. While RC ACIT is amazing, it didn't improve that much more from RC TOD. I get the feeling that most of their resources has been focused on R3.

AKNAA4017d ago

okay the, how about the same uncharted action, but with a side of RPG elements ;), you know.. like mass effect 2.

Cajun Chicken4017d ago

That could probably work!

Anyway, I'd personally like for ND to that next franchise. I think that's the way they're heading.

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Action GO FIGURE4017d ago

More space means more creative minds which means better games. :)

Oner4017d ago

I see what you did there...more space like BD's ;)

unrealgamer584017d ago

do whatever the h3ll you want you deserve it.

Ares84PS34017d ago

Hope you guys are hard at work on Uncharted 3!!! :)

cervantes994017d ago

Now back to work on fixing update 1.05 :(

Please, oh please fix the sniper rifle. The game has turned into a camping fest.

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