Blu-ray: Blockbuster adds Bigger Online Section & Local Store Search Engine

Blockbuster has added a Blu-ray Disc area to

The section lists more than 250 Blu-ray titles available for rent and features a guide to Blu-ray and a search function to find out which local stores carry the format.

The site contains a similar area for HD DVD, but it is not positioned as prominently.

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Torch4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Why is Blockbuster Canada always so late to follow suit???

I just checked's website, and noticed that they at least FINALLY added fifty new stores to the HD mix (a 200% increase):

Still a far cry from the U.S.'s 1,700, though. :(

MaximusPrime4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

i cant find any bluray catergory on blockbusters UK website.

however, there are only Bluray not HDDVD in blockbuster stores across UK.

@ Boink : few months ago there were many xbots and we, sony fans, complained. Now its our turn. after all the positive news we heard from Sony, it is time that we will dominate.

@ Firewire: yep its true. no one has been speaking about HDDVD.

@ cdzie1: just keep tracking using this:
In UK alone, bluray is outselling HDDVD. It has been like this for months.


SILV3R_4183d ago

They only have DVD and HD-DVD as the format search. for now?

Torch4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

one of the newly-listed store closest to me.

According to the clerk, he claims that they currently carry about fifty of BOTH Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

@PanixATK & SILV3R
Search the U.K. site carefully, because even with the Blockbuster Canada website, it's not at all easy to find; you've gotta dig deep through the "Promos & Events" section.

Here's the link to the page (check waaaaay at the bottom, near the right side.)

@SILV3R: I didn't even know that HD-DVD was searcheable.

Poor website administration.

drtysouf214183d ago (Edited 4183d ago ) its right on the front page. I just called one near me and they said that most of the corporate Blockbuster's will have it in store and that the Franchise's may or may not but most will probably follow the corporate stores.

Edit: @Torch I knew alot of people with PS3's would benefit from this which is exactly why i posted it.

Boink4183d ago

why is what blockbuster does on their website suddenly gaming or tech news?

the fanboyism here is getting ridiculous.


Torch4183d ago

Because there are many PS3 owners who can directly benefit from this news.

On a personal level, I've been just itching for Blockbuster Canada to expand Blu-Ray availability.

Thanks to this submission, I'm finally gonna be watching a Blu-Ray rental, come this Friday night.

Personal thanks to drtysouf21.

Firewire4183d ago

Funny! I see you say that for every article about blu-ray,
but whenever its something to do with HD-DVD you were silent.

Don't be a jealous little xbot!

Boink4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

blockbuster choosing bluray was news, how blockbuster designs their website isn't.

and actually anytime anyone posts bluray or hddvd movie releases I post up against it not being news, it's just usually posted in the pre-approval comments. But the fanboys on both camps seem to enjoy wasting valuable news space with this junk.

maybe you should do a bit more research before opening your mouth and looking like even more of an useless little fanboy. enjoy your bubble.

and @ torch

understandable, however there are many pieces of news that may in some way be beneficial to ps3 or xbox 360 owners. that does not necessarily mean it belongs on this site.

cuco334183d ago

this is news4GAMErs... there's nothing gaming about this, any BR or HD DVD news. yet for some reason n4g allows it. agree or disagree all u want. u can find articles about streaming media to the 360 or ps3 but u dont why? because the whole BR vs HD DVD news lies solely with the ps3 fanboys how preach BR as the ultimate format

this is a site about gaming, not movie viewing

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kewlkat0074183d ago

has got BB's feathers ruffled. A little competition never hurts. We win. I'll wait till I get an HD player before I rent movies again.

Huddymonster4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

It will drop HD-DVD and support only Blu-ray. Blu-ray has a lot of momentum and Net Flix can cut their losses right now before they acquire future HD-DVD releases that will be unrentable when the format goes to the island of betamax and umd.

Anything but Cute4183d ago

But if Blu ray continues to have success, yeah eventually they might go blu ray also.

Boink4183d ago

it will skip both and go right to digital distribution.

oh wait, they are doing it already:)

Huddymonster4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

It will not be available for at least another 5 years until the avergae Joe is able to afford a connection that can handle that type of bandwidth.

Boink if you want to wait that long to enjoy high definition content be my guest. I can enjoy and watch 5 movies before you are done dling one on marketplace.

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