Splinter Cell: Conviction Listed As Coming To PS3 And Xbox 360 At Blockbuster

Splinter Cell: Conviction will be available on the Xbox 360 and PC in April, Ubisoft has consistently made it clear that the game is a true 360 exclusive, but are they telling the truth?

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LordMarius4018d ago

No thanks, I already played MGS4,
I dont need a water down version

deadreckoning6664018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

"No thanks, I already played MGS4,
I dont need a water down version"

Marius do u really believe that? I've never seen Snake smash someones head into a wall in real time, nor have I ever seen him perform interrogations in real-time, nor have I ever seen him climb up a ceiling and shoot down a chandelier.

Did MGS4 have co-op?
Does MGS4 have photorealistic graphics?
Can Snake take out two marks at once by simply pivoting his hip?

Marius, if you consider Conviction to be lesser than MGS4 before even playing it, my friend, you AREN'T a gamer. If this game comes out on PS3, ill buy it Day 1.

@Shadow- LOL, I asked if MGS4 has co-op. Why are u talking about Peace Walker? And yes, Conviction won't have a better story than MGS4, but lemme clue ya in on a lil sumthin... Story is ONE aspect of a game and from what I've seen from trailers, Convictions gameplay is MUCH faster than that of MGS4's.

@Sscoolchea- Yes, I've played MGS4, twice actually. In fact I'm staring at it right now. Is it that hard for u to believe that not everyone who played MGS4 thought it was the alpha/omega? There are PLENTY of people on N4G(including me) who have stated that we think MGS3 was better.

Lord_Ranos4018d ago

Dead you're stupidity annoys me sometime.

Metal Gear Peace Walker 4 player Coops.

Slinter Wanna be 2player coops.

Metal Gear Solid Epic Story Line

Slinter Wanna be lame James Bond Rip off.

Splinter Cells competes with Syphon Filtter if you ask me.


Guess you've never played MGS than dummmy

Deadman644018d ago

lol so if this splinter cell is the watered down version.....this is the real stealth action:


Chubear4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

They just depend on timed exclusivity for games you can get on any other gaming platform. Who in their right mind would go buy a 360 for timed exclusives? Yeah, no one in their right mind thus the reason MS love the 360 fanbase.

GiantEnemyCrab4018d ago

Oh please let it be the watered down version. If that means not having to sit through hours of fan service video with sporadic game play it sounds like a winner!

Foliage4017d ago

Right, let's forget the years of petitions and crying for MGS4 from 360 fans........

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thebudgetgamer4018d ago

man these types of articles suck.

OmarJA-N4G4018d ago

Quick N4PS3G/Bungie/Omega4...etc! use all your accounts to report this!

Immortal Kaim4018d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

So I'm not the only one who thinks this website is possibly the worst on N4G... It honestly has never produced any content other than flamebait trash.

thebudgetgamer4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

thats the worst.

i dont know about the website but this is not enough proof. if i thought it was legit i'd aproove in a second.

OGharryjoysticks4018d ago

Yes we have. And for that reason alone I hope it stays exclusive to PC and 360 because I'm sick and tired of hearing Microsoft say some game is exclusive to PC and 360 then later the PS3 winds up getting the game with all the DLC included. It's stupid.

deadreckoning6664018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Blockbuster is a very popular retailer, they don't make mistakes like this. NOW, I think its coming. If it was some "no-name" place id be skeptical, but BLOCKBUSTER...this is MORE than a mistake.

OmarJA-N4G4018d ago

Oh snap! it got approved, HAHAHAHAHA!

cayal4018d ago

Gamestooge is the worst 'gaming' website by far. A 360 fanboy blog site.

Spiderman4018d ago

Ok its obviously a mistake...Next article..

WetN00dle694018d ago

Yeah ive heard that one before!

next thing you know, Blockbuster will be Listing Fable 3 being released for both PS3 and 360 on the same day with the WII version one month after.

But this day in age anything is possible i guess, the only system that has been proven to hold on to exclusives is the PS3.

Immortal Kaim4018d ago

Are there any mods actually left on N4G...How was this approved?

Persistantthug4018d ago

You know...

preparing for the inevitable.


blue7xx74018d ago

Yeah I agree ImmortalKaim and here I was thinking that HHG was the worst site on N4G and yet this one is coming close to being the worse. But what do you expect it's not even worth it to report it since the fanboys will always approve these sorta articles. I just tend to ignore them but I see this website produce quite a lot of these articles.

we won4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

MSFT's year is so historic all PS3 fans can do is try to aggravate 360 fans with lies PS3 fans know are never going to happen. I hope the devs don't even respond to this one, they've said hell NO! about 5 times already.

I'm guessing the mods allow this hit attracting fud for a short period of time. I'm surprised they allowed this to be approved with the source being one of the most out of touch in gaming, not to mention it's the least likely place for secret info.

27 reports and it still gets approved by rabid PS3 fanboy contributers that have too much power.

One thing I've noticed is when PS3 fans sense the PS3's year to be pathetic, they start this 360 exclusives coming to PS3 crap. *Movements* is the worst PS3 fanatic contributer in years on N4G.


Oh I see this is Splinter Cell article is retaliation because of Gamearena's Heavy Rain Review article as if the Heavy Rain review score was seen as an attack on the PS3 from 360 fans lol.

EcliPS34018d ago

Not only is this website trash, I wouldnt consider Blockbuster a reputable source, even if it was a "slipup". They wouldnt have that information.

For Christs Sake, my Blockbuster didnt even carry MAG nor knew what it was and I live in a college town!

AKNAA4018d ago

from dates of releases to which platform a certain game is on, never rely on them... unless you wanna know something about movies.
personal experience.

Rampant4017d ago

Oh the ps3 fans do want to get their hands on this, don't they.

ryuzu4017d ago

So, this is the "news" that a multi-platform game series is listed as available for multiple platforms.....

Slow news day?


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unchartedgoty4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

ok...ill buy conviction used.

OGharryjoysticks4018d ago

You know you're going to be right there behind me in line the day it comes out.

Parapraxis4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

"something is curiously going on behind the scenes."
Agreed, something curious is going on.
For example, I find it VERY curious that sh*t articles like this get written.

It's a typo.
Let it go.

(LOL, man I'm mean sometimes)

Eamon4017d ago

but you're funny too. Bubbles!

unchartedgoty4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

yea mgs4 is the best stealth game. it got number 4 of the greatest games of all time.