Videogame 'fans' need to shut up about everything

Jim Sterling writes: "There are certain games that have earned themselves a hardcore following. It was the recent revelation of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and the stream of criticism it received that really got me thinking about this. These people call themselves fan, and we are all happy to go along with it, but when they reveal themselves to be perpetually unsatisfied, prone to complaints over the tiniest details, and outright spiteful, I think they need a new name.

Instead of fans, I declare that they should be known as people who need to shut up about everything."

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Parapraxis4030d ago

Jim needs to shut up about everything.
He's like a troll that was rejected from 4chan, only worse.

solidjun54030d ago

[I] need to write an article that is titled "Jim Sterling should STFU!! Seriously"

4chan? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I needed that. I agree. Further proof that even media have their special "Bungie."

deadreckoning6664029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

2 Questions:

1. What is it that people don't like about Sterling exactly?

2. Why do people who don't like Sterling keep on commenting on his articles?

Serious questions BTW.

Edit: I read his article and you should too. It talks about the crazy things fans complain about that normal people wouldn't care about.

"Then there are other arguments. Petitions for Sonic to be redesigned so that he looks exactly like his 16-bit counterpart. People going so far as to criticize the fact that Sonic has some color in his eyes, or that his legs are too long. Once again, this is a game people have wanted for a long time, and as soon as they get it, they start finding other things to moan about."

It makes good sense, to me anywayz.

@Chris- I care because I'm curious to see why people are complaining about a guy I see nothing wrong with. If you don't like him, why waste ur time here? Btw, the fact that you state hes FAT as one of his flaws just shows what kind of person you are. Are you predjudice against fat people?

@pixelword- Well, I think it makes sense to comment on the article rather than the journalist. Only ONE other person has commented on the article itself. If you know beforehand, that u have a bias against Sterling, then please don't talk about it here. I like Sterling's articles and id like to hear other criticisms about the article that are free of bias.

Edit: yeah lol, I can def understand that. I do it all the time in Heavy Rain articles. I don't know why, but I do it :) U r right though, if u don't like something speaking out about it can help.

Chris3994029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

but is he trying to be ironic?

Seeing as he's the mascot, the champion of the cause even, for obnoxious, loudmouthed, red-faced fanboys.

@ dead. He's a $hit disturber. He writes flame-bait, polarizing articles. He's like a substantially less intelligent, political, interesting version of Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh. He wears a monocle. He's fat. He probably stinks. Pick a reason, any reason. He's quite simply annoying.

Questions for you, dear chap. Are you Jim Sterling? His friend or portly lover perhaps? And why do you care if people dislike his vocal spew?

Not so serious questions, btw :P

Saaking4029d ago

Why? If we don't complain, Devs will just sit back and abuse their power. Look at 360 owners. They don't cry out about anything and MS takes advantage in every way possible.

It's good to know that PS3 and PC fans actually stand up and speak out. It may not work sometimes, but at least we're trying.

pixelsword4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Are you asking why people comment on him when they don't like him?

I can't answer for everyone, but let's just say it's the same reason why certain people go to articles on subjects they don't like and make comments.

Unicron4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

"Edit: I read his article and you should too. It talks about the crazy things fans complain about that normal people wouldn't care about."

I read it. It's hardly news, it's flamebait, per usual. It focuses on a vocal minority which is amplified by the web, then basically flames them. While I may not agree with the vocal minority all the time, just as often they DO have a point. It's also ironic because this guy has basically made a career out of "I'm right, you're wrong" articles. So why is it okay for Jim to b1tch about things, but not okay for fans?

This is some BS attempt at a self-empowering "I'm better than you" excuse for an article. The vocal minority has been around since the advent of the web when it comes to gaming, this is nothing new. So why speak out on it now? Oh right, because he can force HIS opinion, which is "correct" unlike ours, down our throats.

Clearly the media is unable to lead by example and take the mature route. Nope, they just perpetuate the cycle for hits. I don't care WHO he is, since I don't know the man. But I know what he writes, and it's crap.

pixelsword4029d ago

You're pretty insightful when you're not eating planets.

Chris3994029d ago

And I work in the health and fitness industry and deal with people's struggles (and drive them towards successes) in this area on a daily basis. The comment was clearly meant to be coy, baseless, offhanded and crude - much like Jim Sterling's work. It is not honestly how I feel. I obviously hit a nerve with you. Being sensitive on the Internet is a bit of a lost cause fyi.

boodybandit4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

"Jim Sterling writes:"

This guy has no shame. He is one of the biggest contributors to fueling the fanboy wars.

Jim you are an
Please STOP writing articles.
I'd rather read bruceongames articles. That is how much, or should I say litte, I think of Jim Sterling

I wont give Destructoid hits if I was paid to do so. Unless someone copy and paste the full article here I will only read what is displayed above.

solidjun54029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Cause we can. And Unicron provided good clarity why WE think there's something wrong with a fanboy posed as a journalist.

"I can't answer for everyone, but let's just say it's the same reason why certain people go to articles on subjects they don't like and make comments."

LOL! good one.

AKNAA4029d ago

Some people don't care, some do a little and some people are just extreamely "passionate" and nit-picky about everything. sure, you wanna tell them to STFU at times, but its no reason to Label as that because without them, we probably wouldn't have as much rights as we do now.

mastiffchild4029d ago

More yawnsome dog mess from La Sterling the most self obsessed man in the whole gaming media. D'toid itself is a bad enough site yet Sterling always manages to look even worse-it's a talent Jim, well done, it's the only one outside of overeating you might have!

Yes, some games have an element among the fans who complain about the tiniest, silliest thing and their moaning and petition writing CAN hurt our cause when a real issue comes up as people won't take the real, deserved complaint seriously and the moaners also make some gamers unresponsive to complaining when they ARE being conned or abused by the industry.

BUT the bigger problem is fanboyism and industry toadying that is divisive and rife within our community and makes us way easier to control than the TINY minority of gamers arsed enough to petition over absolutely sod all. Honestly,. he goes on about the Sonic4 moans and ignores 1, just how small the numbers of complainers are compared to the sales of ANY recent Sonic title on home consoles-you'll see just how small the moaning minnies who do these silly letters, mails and petitions.

So, miss the point and come over like a sanctimonious, arrogant, condescending tool. Why change now Jim?His opinion of himself is so big it gives itself chronic vertigo and it shows little chance of slowing it's growth either. Maybe it will get to some sort of critical(get it?) Mass(get it?) one day, implode and leave us with a new, talented and useful member of the media? We can only hope.

SilentNegotiator4029d ago

LOL, ya beat me to it, parapraxis.

DatNJDom814029d ago

must be that time of the month. Just like a woman's period, destructoid always delivers garbage every month.

Syronicus4029d ago

Starting with Destructoids very own idiot fanboy, Jim Sterling.

Tricksy4028d ago

Papraxis, you need to comment more on these boards. I wanna see a Para comment for every Bungie comment.

At least then ill have something to balance out the devastatingly moronic comments I have to read from that bot.

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-Mezzo-4030d ago

This *Butt Sniffer* is hands down the most annoying person who calls himself a Video-Game Journalist i would chose *HHG* over him any day -anywhere.

Ninji4030d ago

I stopped reading at "Jim Sterling writes".

Unicron4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Jim Sterling and Chris Buffa are the most blatant hypocrites I have EVER had the displeasure of reading. Their articles are trash and incite the very BS they are now condemning.

Pot. Kettle. Fools.

"Criticism is fine, of course, but the sheer hatred and bile that spews from self-professed fans takes it too far."


pixelsword4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

That site has imploded a long time ago.

I used to like that site, but now... =/

Maybe I'll see if I can write for that site.

Not that I'm a better writer, I don't insult fans;

fanboys, yeah, skip them; but not regular fans.

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