GTA IV: Exclusive Yahoo Interview with Rockstar Games

Yahoo! interviews Dan Houser, Vice President of Creative at Rockstar Games. Get the latest GTA IV news straight from the source.

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Ebay3rd4131d ago

Pretty good read, just makes you more impatient when it comes to getting the game...Good job!!!

Kokoro4131d ago

special someone trailer is gonna be so hot. Yahoo is pulling everyone tits with these stories.

jaaz4131d ago

You know what's even more amazing than GTA IV? That a game creator can use so many damn words yet end up saying so little!

Give us some in-game examples R*, stop jerking us around already!

XENOCIDE4131d ago

6 paragraphs of responses n' nothing new. But that isn't anything new I guess. They've always been secretive about their GTA franchises. However, I remember quite well when Vice City was in production and they had an exclusive website up where you could read the bulletin board about the city's various vilans and hero's. Open up the gun locker to see what would await you in the actual game and browse the different cars as well. N' they added something new periodically. I enjoyed that, probably more than I'll will these 3 videos they plan to release leading up to the games release in October. Nonetheless, I can't wait.

MK_Red4131d ago

Here is something: Two brand new screenshots.