Oblivion PS3 Bound?

Could the Xbox 360 megahit Oblivion be headed to the PlayStation 3? No official announcement has yet been made, but in the time honored tradition of retailers spilling the beans on unannounced titles, Gamestop may have jumped the gun. The company has a page up for the game, an expected release date on November 6th, and a retail price of $59.99?

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andy capps5409d ago

Interesting if true, and possibly something that I would pick up. Hopefully the loading times would be reduced due to the PS3 having a standard hard drive and being able to cache some of the game information. Don't know if I have the patience for this game though, I tend to pick games that are much shorter because I never finish long games. It's a well made game, and I've enjoyed playing what I have so far, but I'm sure that if this is true, there will be people out there much happier than I am.

JIN KAZAMA5409d ago

much for this game. I heard its good, just not my style of game. But hey, the more the merrier.

zypher5409d ago

thats what i thought too, until i bought a 360 and tried it. i'm still more into traditional Japanese style turn-based rpgs' ala FF and DQ, but Oblivion's not too bad. gorgeous graphics, music and sound. its kinda weird fighting in first person (there is an option where you can switch to third person, but it sucks): but otherwise the game is good. definately worth getting, even if you have to wait for the PS3 version. me? i already have the 360 version. not even sure if i'll be finished with it by the time its released on the PS3. the ONLY way i'd re-get it is if they made significant graphical upgrades and added content.

D R Fz5409d ago

This could be a possible plus for the ps3.

ASTAROTH5409d ago

I dont think this game will come to the PS3. Im a Sony fan. Ive been defending thenm and I will continue. But to be real the last month or two hasnt show me nothing. The only game who has a REAL improvement in graphics is UNTOLD LEGENDS. I think that such texture quality could not be made on the PS3. Until Sony shows me something, Im afraid not. No mather that I will buy a PS3. I prefeer Sonys game. GOD OF WARRRRRR!!!!

PS3sux360inchWiiWii5409d ago

Congrats guys/gals this is a great game. If you land getting it definatley check it out!

It's almost like a trade Oblivion to PS3 owners and Assasins Creed for 360 owners. That is if both these rumors are true!

This will make for happy fans on both sides!