Lair Preview - Six Levels Blown Wide Open

Up until now, Lair hasn't been sitting at the top of everyone's Most Anticipated lists beside Metal Gear Solid and Killzone 2. But that, we're willing to bet, is about to change.

Lair's graphical prowess hits you like a bus the moment you start the first level. It has that Factor 5 touch. You leap onto your dragon and launch into the air, and it stuns you with its ultra-high-detail environments that stretch far into the distance for you to gawp at as you soar through the sky on your giant dragon...


New Lair video:

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TheExecutive4132d ago

Sounds awesome. It seems as though the levels will be diverse enough to scatter out the gameplay; so, even if the gameplay is a little repetitive we should get a little of everything which will make it seem a little more fresh. I think people forget sometimes how the environment of a game can add or subtract from the gameplay. This epic seems to add. I am getting more and more excited about this game as time goes on.

cuco334131d ago

it's true environments do add to the experience but personally i don't know why this game is getting so much attention... maybe i'm wrong but the game looks to be worse than the suck

DrPirate4131d ago

Oh ok Cuco33, I'll take you opinion seriously because you've played the game to death already and are in a position to make judgements.

ChronoTrigger874132d ago

Im pretty sure people are skeptical about the graphics, but if this article proves anything, its that Factor 5 is ready to prove all the haters (gears OWNZ102 lair [email protected]#[email protected]) wrong... dead wrong.

TheExecutive4132d ago

Well... if the graphics for this game come even close to Gears it will be a technical marvel. Remember the environments in this game are somewhere around 32km x 32km with thousands of soldiers onscreen.

My prediction is that this game will be the most technically impressive game on any video game console ever and its a first gen title! Amazing! Imagine a few years down the road.

nextgengaming184132d ago

Are gone. The game looked amazing though. Really good, a huge graphic upgrade.

ChronoTrigger874132d ago

I wanted to view the 10 videos but they weren't there for some reason. Saw the old video, wasn't that impressed. I want to see the new ones, and see the improvments!!!

hikikimori4132d ago

I hate to bring this in but, do you think frames rates will be;
a) Smooth, and
b) Consistent
????????? If they are, this game will kick A$S!

snoop_dizzle4132d ago

the rogue squadron series so i think ill love this game. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.