GameStop Gets Robbed For 6 PS3's

Detectives are continuing their search for three suspects who fled Monday night with several video game systems following a robbery of a Monroe store.

Monroe County sheriff's Detective Joe Hammond said three robbers were involved in the heist at the GameStop, 2233 N. Telegraph Rd., which is in a strip mall near Lowe's. It initially was thought that two suspects were involved.

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kingofps34134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Well done Xbots! I don't mind it as long as it helps you get enough money to pay for your several 360 repairs charges by selling the PS3. I like a good competition.

Only a true XROBOT would do something so stupid. lol

BIadestarX4134d ago

Why would somone go through the trouble of stealing 6 PS3? Specially an Xbot? If retail stores are having a problem selling the PS3 themselves.... imagine selling a stolen PS3 which upon registration can be traced.

PSTripleOG4134d ago

You full of Anal SHlT. Stop sucking Microshafts Wang...

Auron4134d ago

What did he say for some of you guys to lose your cool? take a deep breath guys.

MADGameR4134d ago

I'm GLAD GameStop got robbed! GameStop is just full of 360 fans. They try to tell me what to buy and what not to buy. Who do they think they are? Everytime I buy a PS2 game, the cashier at GameStop says ''dude, that game sucks. Buy an X Box 360 and Halo 3'' The game I had was GOW2! What a bunch of idiots! The funny thing is they always just talk about their best game. They never talk about the others because they probably won't admit that the other games indeed SUCK!

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sack4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

I just don't want to to see someone going to jail for stuff like this.

The Snake4134d ago

I don't want unsuspecting buyers of stolen consoles going to jail, but the thieves deserve it.

Auron4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

They committed a crime they need to pay for what they've done! I'm sure if it was you're PS3 you'd want justice done.

BrotherNick4134d ago

Maybe he can sell them for like 300-400 a pop, I know a couple that are getting rid of theirs but can't find that much for it.

MoonDust4134d ago

Ohh i forgot, there aren't any :)!

Keyser4134d ago

LOL!!! That was funny Moondust, not true, but funny. I can appreciate wit.

Ebay3rd4134d ago

Now who says PS3 isn't popular , got folks robbing stores for them...Hows that for consumer demand..

nobizlikesnowbiz4134d ago

They didn't BUY them if you didn't notice ;).

So that doesn't really mean much in the lines of consumer demand, since they aren't legitimate consumers. More like theives?

They didn't want to give up $600, so instead they went with the five-finger discount.

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The story is too old to be commented.