Universe at War to Support PC to Xbox 360 Play

Petroglyph's upcoming real-time strategy game Universe at War: Earth Assault will support cross-platform multiplayer gaming between Xbox 360 and PC, publisher Sega announced today. Universe at War is the first strategy game to have such functionality announced, with Petroglyph and Sega the first third-party developers to support the feature through Microsoft's Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live services.

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Odion4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Woot this sounds amazing, I will so get the PC version though, and before Bill Gates can say anything like this.

LOL ROFL THE XBOX GOT ANOTHER EXSCLUSIVE, LOL, the ps3 is so last gen it can't even do cross platform gaming.

Moondust I am talking about that annoying poster named Bill gates

MK_Red4135d ago

Shadowrun as a FPS so they could do something like auto-aim for console to balance things out but this is RTS! There should be some really serious balance issues since PC users have: 1.Mouse 2.Hotkeys and Keyboard.

1337 gamer4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

"LOL ROFL THE XBOX GOT ANOTHER EXSCLUSIVE, LOL, the ps3 is so last gen it can't even do cross platform gaming."

If its on pc its not exclusive you really need to know the definition of "exclusive". if its on pc it saves people from buyin a x360 to play a game if its on both platforms. so everyone obviously has a pc so dont
need a x360 to play it. so its not another x360 exclusive. ok, or do i need to make it more clearer for you ?

EDIT: @ odion :

it still might be a MS game but it still isnt a x360 exclusive it makes it a MS game exclusive. ITS NOT ONLY ON X360 SO ITS NOT A X360 EXCLUSIVE. do u get it now or you still dont understand ?

@ boink :
yes that is what im trying to say. and most people have a pc good enough to play these games that are on both x360 and pc (shadow run,Universe at War etc.) so my point was that its not a x360 exclusive and it is very easy for a lot of people to play these games without having to buy a x360.

Boink4135d ago

It's exclusive to MS and not coming to ps3 or wii i think is more the point.

Odion4135d ago

1. Its a joke
2. Some people don't have gaming PC's
3. A windows game is still a MS game, its like saying something thats on say the PSP thats also on the PS3 isn't a Sony only game

Kokoro4135d ago

But when it's says "Xbox 360 only" it doesn't count on the PC. Except for Lost Planet. :P

Jay da 2KBalla4135d ago

Incorrect. This is definitely a 360 exclusive. Unlike the people on this site, most people dont buy pc games. Is this game coming out for ps3 or wii. No. If I walk into a store and see universe at war for 360 but not on ps3 or wii then it is exclusive. Why? Because I as are most people are not some extremely rich person or some nerd who has no life who dumps thousands of dollars into a pc just to play a video game.

Rooted_Dust4135d ago

If I looked up hypocrite in the dictionary, I think your face would be there. I love when some gamers will call out others for being nerdy or having no life. FYI, your posting on a game website...some would consider that nerdy enough. As far as your whole PC = Nerdy theory, every one has PC's, they generally cost $500 to $700 for one with decent capabilities, so why not throw in a few extra hundred dollars to make it a gaming PC? If you already have a computer it might cost you less than a new PS3 or 360 to give it good gaming capabilities. Also who said being a geek was a bad thing?

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