Microsoft Battles Overheating on a Global Scale

"Aside from jokes about overheating Xbox 360s, Microsoft's popular gaming console isn't often associated with global warming. But earlier this month, the tech giant and a small group dedicated to making video games that improve the world teamed up to change that. The two organizations are launching a yearlong contest that challenges college students to make an Xbox 360 game about global warming."

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Maddens Raiders4184d ago

this is going to turn into the Comedy Club real quick. (that photo of Gore is

Bill Gates4184d ago

This is clearly possible for XBOTS. They already have a lesson in things overheating and BLOWING UP...HAHAHAHAH

Lyberator4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Edit @ dantesparda - What am I doing right now? I'm actually playing co-op in crackdown with my friend going for my stunt ring achievement. What are you doing? Notice how when you go into the ps3 section and look at some of the articles that are just for that section you don't see 360 fanboys nearly as much as you do ps3 guys in here. Why is that I wonder?

dantesparda- I know he's not doing the same thing because he's in a section for a console he doesn't own and could care less about what the news is for the ones he does own. And I completely agree with you on the flame wars going on in every section. But you know what? All it takes is one immature jackass to say some stupid sh1t and get people going. Stay in your own sections and their wouldn't be as much of a problem. If you don't own a certain console or aren't planning on getting one then stay the hell out of that news section. Why should you give a rats ass about what the news is for the people who actually own the product. Thats all I was getting at. They would rather see the 360 lose than the PS3 win and the same is true in reverse.

dantesparda4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Then what are you doing Lyberator? why aint you playing? And speaking of Global Warming. God damn is it hot out here today.

And p.s. i cant play my 360 cuz the fvcking thing broke on me the 29th of May. (2nd one dead!) But i know, i know, its not that 360's breakdown because of MS's faulty manufacturing, NO! its because i didnt put my 360 in a fridge to keep it cool.

^^^ Lybi
Then how do you know he is not doing the same thing? And no i havent noticed. All i've noticed is how both of you's (360 fanboys and PS3 fanboys) are just always fighting it out on this site over stupid sh!t, with both sides saying stupid sh!t all the time. Its ridiculous and downright childish. And for god sake people, its only a video game system people. Its just games

Update to Lybi
I agree that all it takes is one guy to start it all, and i agree that you shouldnt be coming over to the other side just to start sh!t, But there is just to much hate between the fanboys on this site, to much animosity. So i doubt it will ever stop. There is only one way to stop it and its not going to happen and that's too have everybody on this site not tolerate it. But that wont happen. You have two factions on this site. 360 fanboys and the PS3 fanboys. And its a war to them. And it wont end. Also, i own a 360 but im interested in knowing whats going on with the PS3 and the Wii and the PC. And i want them both prospers too (im not worried about the PC, cuz the PC is king in my book). So word of advice, try not to let it get to you to much, cuz its never gonna end

toughNAME4184d ago

lmao so true
too many PS fanboys on a 360 article....sad

bilal4184d ago

you deserve a lot of bubbles....really have a good sense of humor..

the other two people who were really funny were Kaz & Ken but didnt hear from them in a long long time

keep up the great matter how many xbox fans burn alive after reading your posts (we have plenty to spare)

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THE_JUDGE4184d ago

snore........snore....... What? The worlds still here and we add one more lame video game to it??? What is this world coming to????

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