Rainbow Six: Vegas Controversy

Will the Mayor of Las Vegas be able to halt the release of the latest Rainbow Six game? discuss the controversy, and why politicians feel the need to treat games differently to other forms of entertainment.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, or so the ads from the city's Convention and Visitor's bureau would have you believe. If Mayor Oscar Goodman has his way, however, one thing that won't be happening in Vegas is the newest Rainbow Six game which is set in the Nevada city famous for legalized gambling, strip clubs, and all things hedonistic.

Hours after the news of Goodman's comments regarding the game were posted on the KLAS TV website, internet gaming sites were buzzing with the news and gamers were rallying against Goodman, seeing his comments as yet another episode of politics and gaming colliding as violently as the games themselves.

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Krimson5538d ago

Vegas residents should uproar about this. Trying to stop a game from publishing, needlessly, is going to cost millions and millions in legal fee's. Where does that money come from, that's right, your taxes!

It's so pointless. The city that is renowned for gambling, drugs and prostitution is afraid that a video game may hurt it's reputation.

PS360PCROCKS5538d ago

lol I know but its only the mayor, so yea if this is cancelled I will personally fly their and kick him in the nuts

kingboy5538d ago

this game looks promising ..if that [email protected] stops ubi from publishing it then i`ll be pissed

Sphinx5538d ago

What a joke! I will be uber pissed if he stops the release. Shut up, Goodman.

RelloC5538d ago

I have looked forward to this game more than any other title that has been announced. This is my Halo. I have played this series since the very first Rainbow Six. He is the mayor of a city known for prostitution and is bltching about this?? Vegas has also introduced a law that makes it illegal to help/feed homeless people in their city! WTF is wrong with these people???

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The story is too old to be commented.