EA Don't Expect 8th Gen Anytime Soon

EA's Eric Brown argues that the 8th generation isn't coming anytime soon due to current technology already supporting the best there is to offer.

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RealityCheck4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Using fixed TV resolution as a reason not to move to the next generation of gaming console is a weak argument. There were console generations that followed each other while people still just had the same SD TV. There are a lot of improvements that can be made by continuing to go forward beyond just resolution, like textures, polygon counts, increase number of details\enemies\objects, better physics, better AI, bigger maps, longer draw distances, less pop-ins, etc. And beside, current gen games are often really sub-1080p and just upscaled so to say that a next gen isn't needed because of fixed TV resolution doesn't even stand on it's own.

If it's a money\business decision, just say it as it is. Don't pretend there is no room for improvement.

EDIT: oh, and another area that still to this day needs improvement is collision detection. What's the point of having shinny high def graphics with amazing realistic textures and lighting for enhanced immersion just to see body parts disappear inside of objects and environment because of poor collision detection handling?

Fanb0y4018d ago

A 720p definition is quite enough for gamers like me. Heck, millions are fine with 600p with AA! (COD)

Really? Are they saying that this generation's consoles are enough? There are many things they could work on, like you said. Maybe giving developers more memory to work with? Processor power? I think developers really feel held back from their true potential with the current hardware limits.
Think about what Bungie wants to achieve scale-wise in every Halo game they make. Imagine them making that without sacrificing areas such as resolution, textures, and sound quality.
And don't you fanboys bring in blind statements that the PS3 is the equivalent of some supercomputer gaming rig and that it's manufactured by god. No.

Letros4018d ago

There is room for a new generation of consoles in terms of hardware, but there isn't room financially. Considering how long Sony and MS were non-profitable, these are glory days. Who knows, maybe motion control will transform gaming into a casual profitable mainstream. When you can milk the consumer with a lot of mediocre products for 10 years, whats the point in making another console?

RealityCheck4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I think Letros that this is really what they are thinking like you say. "Let's see how long we can milk this." Only once people stop buying and they see their global sales go down will they think about moving to a new console.

It would be quite a Bizarro world if Nintendo came out with an HD console while Sony and MS were distracted into adding casual add-ons... Won't happen but funny to think about

AKNAA4018d ago

I'm glad that next gen consoles aren't coming anytime soon cause for one, I don't have the money to fork up another $400-$500.

secondly, the PS3 is not even close to being maxed out yet, not to mention the fact that I don't get much play time and feel like I just got the system a few months ago when its actually been 2 yrs. now.... weird huh...

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W-k4018d ago

i hope not, i want to keep there current consoles for along time

RealityCheck4018d ago

The PS2 is still around at the same time as the PS3. I don't see why next gen consoles could not come out while the current gen consoles remain as an entry-level option for a few years. I'm not saying next gen consoles should come out tomorrow but I think to say "not for a long time" is pushing it too far.