Why is Wii Ware such a big suprise?

Nintendo announced today that they will be launching Wii-Ware in 2008. What is Wii-Ware?

Original titles that you can purchase from the shop channel.. such as the Opera Browser.

It is great to get confirmation from Nintendo that original games will be added to the Wii-Ware selection, and even better that indie developers will be invited to use it, but it's less than suprising.

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PS360WII4157d ago

It's not a suprise it's just that Wii owners are happy about most updates Nintendo gives us^^

Although I'm getting upset with them on their lack of acknowledgement over poor amount of internal memory and lack of SD card support.

ITR4157d ago

I have a feeling the next Wii update(DVD enabled black Wi)i will have extra memory.