Update: Red Steel 2 announced

The French site LiveWii brings word that UbiSoft has announced that they are making Red Steel 2. According to the article, they're justifying making the second game by saying that they're completely reworking the sword system. There's no announcement yet as to whether or not the game will support online play or anything, but there should be more details rolling out soon.


According to CVG Ubisoft has now come out to deny these claims, asserting that there has been no official confirmation of the sequel's development.

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PS360WII4130d ago

Well that's okay as long as they don't rush the title

closedxxx4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

It takes a LOT of nerve, and/or arrogance to create a sequel for such a poorly executed game IMO.
I hated the way the first game was controlled, and aside from the attempt at control innovation, the was horrid.
It was a promising title back when it was still in developement, but they failed to deliver on the final build.

Contra264130d ago

and why make Killzone 2 if the first one sucked big, hairy, smelly, deformed, herpes infected BALLS.


Lex Luthor4130d ago

Contra26 you have hit the nail on the head. Many sony fanboys bash halo because of its greatness. Yet hype up a game which sucked big-time, just like the getaway.

TaylorB4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

The reason they're making a sequel is because the original sold on appeal to the settings and style. Guns and Swords, period. Why make a new IP when you have the possibility of going back, working with the controls and building on a franchise that has previously sold because of those two reasons? A franchise shooter on the Wii is good business sense. While there's been no official announcement, I do think you'll see a Red Steel 2 in the future.

Now on the topic of Killzone and Halo. Killzone is again, being rebuilt because it had a likeable setting and style. Again why build a new IP when you can rework an existing one? Look at the artwork for Killzone, it's wonderful. The PS3 offers a much more limitless platform than the PS2 ever was. There's a huge leap forward for Guerilla. The PS2 was not a good platform for FPS.

Halo on the other hand, it's success was no doubt because it's graphics and functionality was right on, and Master Chief. Once again, the IP and artwork was incredibly likeable. It's not because it was incredibly deep, but it was a good looking game where you get play a badass commando.

ITR4130d ago

You do realize RS sold over a million copies and is still selling thousands a day.
Same with Rayman.

RS2 is coming because it was about 6 months ago Ubisoft was looking for developers and etc for the next game It even talked about UI and online.

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Ebay3rd4130d ago

I think if they get the sword control down then the game will be much better I do own the first one but never really played it, I put it in a few times but had too many other titles to play to give it my attention, so the prospect of having a good red steel intrigues me...

Leogetz4130d ago

"Contra26 you have hit the nail on the head. Many sony fanboys bash halo because of its greatness. Yet hype up a game which sucked big-time, just like the getaway."

I'll tell you, the jealousy from X-box fans never does stop. A post about Red steel 2, a Wii game and you drag some PS3 into it. Fear does that, I guess.

Tempo4130d ago

correct me if i'm wrong but did that game even sell well on the Wii? How many Wii owners on here have that title?

ChickeyCantor4130d ago

oo it sold alright, it was a rush job and people had to taste the FPS experience on the wii.

hope this second one will be better....the gun shooting was fun though.

PS360WII4130d ago

I own it. Nothing special really it was nice to use the Wii Remote for a FPS. With a little tighter controls it can be great experience. Which is why I think a sequel would be nice because it wouldn't be a rush to launch job and it would be an actual game.

Torch4130d ago

Though I'm likely in the minority, I really enjoyed it (though the graphics make you feel like you're staring at mosaic tile, once your eyes get a glimpse of the PS3/360 versions.)

It was fun to actually be able to naturally aim, as opposed to wrestling with the customary gamepad analog stick.

As a matter of fact I enjoyed it so much, yesterday at Future Shop I actually had Resident Evil 4 in my hand ($40 - cheap!), and was about to bring to the checkout counter...but relented.

I reluctantly promised myself that I'd get through Zelda and Trauma Center before picking up another Wii game.

(So I guess that means that I'll never buy another Wii game; cursed PS3 keeps taking priority!)

ITR4130d ago

I have the game.

Looking for tighter controls, better graphics(Xbox graphics or better), better sword control, D-pad or button press zooming, online play with all weapons and environments.

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