Wii Software Q&A - Nintendo says no to Wii hard drive

CVG interviews Nintendo UK about Wii Software (WiiWare in the US).

CVG: How is WiiWare going to be better than PSN and XBLA, and what would Nintendo say to people who might think you've just copied XBLA?

Nintendo: Wii Software offers unprecedented access for third-parties to create content with few restrictions. The innovative control of the Wii Remote plus open approach of Wii Software is a powerful combination for developers to create and bring their game to consumers.

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PS360WII4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

"However like VC games you can delete a Wii Software game to make room for other content, then re-download it at no cost." -Yes, but it's a pointless step if you want to have both games and time consuming if you need to delete games from your channels to make room for another game out there. It shouldn't be Nintendo!

Is Nintendo considering releasing a hard drive to bolster the Wii's memory for all this new content?

Nintendo: No. - Very much a big BOOOO!

I like Nintendo and all but what is the purpose of having the SD card if you can't use it for anything? Give us more memory! Please.

biomajor094184d ago

Yeah that is a dumb idea not having a hard drive. What they should do is be like microsoft and have the option of buying a attachable hard drive to the wii, for all those people that love to download their vc games.

Keyser4184d ago

Nintendo is loosing it. I'd love to hear the justification for this. Deleting a game is a stupid idea. Give me something better than that.

samsneed2114184d ago

Lame... At the very least, Nintendo could have at included a 2gb to 4gb flash memory instead of a measly 512 mb. WTF?!

uglyboglin4184d ago

4.1 - Don't believe this for a second......
Ok, first and foremost. What exec' for any company flat out says "no" to any question along those lines. That's a complete wash. If anything they would dance around it. Reggie has been asked that in many interviews since the idea of a HD came to light like 3 months ago and he has always danced around the subject. Likewise, even if they did have a HD in the works, chances are they would be releasing or showing it a E3 which is under a month away, so no member of the Nintendo family is just going to blow the secrecy because some gamer site asked the question. C'mon don't be so nieve. Also they can, and probably will send us a firm-ware update so we can run data off an SD card or another type of HD. Maybe, the "no" (which i doubt is what was actually said, i also doubt the interview even happened) means that Nintendo isn't going to be making a HD, maybe a firm-ware update will enable us to use exsisting HD or USB devices to run software. I agree that it would be stupid for nintendo to not come up with some system to alot more storage, actually with the Wii-Ware annouoncement and Neo-Geo games it would be a complete blunder not too, so c'mon people, a money loving company like Nintendo won't just leave the system of customer high and dry, use your heads.

ps. The people who believe this garbage are the same people who believed that we weren't getting Neo-Geo games 3 months ago.

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