Games Radar illustrates why you need a PhysX card

If you're a PC owner, you have the pleasure of being at the bleeding edge of gaming technology. And PhysX, a plug-in piece of hardware for PC designed purely to deal with physics effects, is the next step. In basic terms, PhysX handles the physicality of a game world. The propeties of an object, whether it be water, rock or paper. But the potential is huge.

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DirtyRat4131d ago

I am still not convinced I need another £150 card for this

tplarkin74131d ago

There were about 20 objects which is no big deal, even for Xbox 1. With a PhysX card, I expected a full destructable environment, people with real organs that could be ripped out, and the ability to manipulate liquid.

MK_Red4131d ago

The frame rate in first part didn't improve much with PhysX enabled and overall, its only shown with Cell Factor, a tech demo for Physx. They should have shown something from a third party game.

Matimus Prime4131d ago

really seemed like it would be a good game but the fact that the game won't run unless you have a PhysX card is ridiculous because if you have enough graphics card power you can run those physics no problem without a specific PhysX card.