Video games stereotype Asians

Some popular video games promote racist, negative stereotypes of Asians that would be unacceptable in other forms of media, says a Canadian researcher.

Robert Parungao studied four of the best-selling games designed and published in the United States during a 20-year span: Kung Fu, Warcraft 3, Shadow Warrior and Grand Theft Auto 3.

He said the games feature evil gangsters, all of them non-white, who "function as narrative obstacles to be overcome, mastered or ultimately blown to smithereens by the white hero."

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spedmen5410d ago

Wow, OMG, people are so hypersensitive. Its like the last thing we need now is a Politicly Correct Agency that inspects games to not be offensive to people. COME ON! Its a game, its not a secret plan by the KKK to recruit people to hate all non-whites. THIS is why the USA is suffreing so much from racial issues, poeple ARE SO STUPIDLY HYPERSENSITIVE that its impossible to even discuss racial issues without someone scream RACIST at you!!!

Marriot VP5410d ago

Come on, this is pathetic. Asians are treated with respect. Although everybody holds back frustration when they ace their college calculus and physics exams. Yes I am speaking for the white majority.

Atleast their not making fun of mexicans. Oh what am I thinking mexicans don't have the internet and don't watch the news.

LOL, just kidding. Really I'm just kidding and stuff like this article should be laughed at.

Dick Jones5409d ago

Soo many things wrong with the above sentence. But for starters nothing like getting the pulse of the game industry by cherry picking only 4 games to "study" for 20 YEARS. Total Bull ****. Just another videogames are bad *** hole jumping on the bandwagon to get his name in the paper.