Naughty Dog Responds to Uncharted 2 Patch 1.05 Criticisms "We're listening"

Naughty Dog: It's been a week since we released Title Update 1.05 to our multiplayer community. Without a doubt, this has been our most talked about update to multiplayer to date and for good reason – there were a lot of additions and adjustments we made and not all of them were received well by everyone. This is something we've seen from your comments on our blog, on Facebook, in various forums, and via Twitter.

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-Alpha4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

If you were listening, you wouldn't have messed around with the health. At best you would have made a Crushing (their version of hardcore) playlist.

It kind of ruins stats and things like that too when the entire game has changed in pacing, style, balance, and tactics.

Anyways, I don't entirely mind, but it screws with people who've been playing forever and people who got used to the style.

Just change it back, and add a crushing playlist for people who want a faster paced game. With reduced health AK-47 pretty much outclasses all weapons as you dont need something like a FAL for long distance, nor does the M4 matter, and the sniper 1 hit kills easily.

Anyways, the patches and updates as a whole are great, but the health change was a complete curve ball.

Wish IW would do this: Their game needs a health boost or something, way too easy to kill people.


Grenades aren't getting a "fix", they made it clear that that's how they intended it to be (assuming you are talking about how fast they can be thrown during a firefight)

young juice4721d ago

DAMN you type freakin fast.

i only do 48wpm last time i checked

swiftshot934721d ago

It was already fast paced as it was, its slower paced now because everyone can just camp. And god, if they just fix the god damned grenades, PLEASE, I will bow down to the holy gaming god that is naughty dog.

4721d ago
-Alpha4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

If it was on the 360 it wouldn't be the Uncharted it is today. Nobody was talking about sales anyway...this was about gameplay

Unicron4721d ago

Oh Press, you mean like the fanboy proclaimed "GoW3 killer" known as Bayonetta? Looks like you Xbox fanboys were too busy trolling and forgot to SUPPORT the damn game.


LordMarius4721d ago

I dont really understand why they even changed it
if it aint broke dont fix it, its not fun anymore

Thoreau4721d ago

i love the 1.05 changes. i lost interest in uc2 online when everyone was a [email protected] bullet sponge. now, i love it. you've got to use cover and your brain. if you run around like a fool, you'll get chopped in half by bullet fire. alpha, your complaint about dying too easy is from the fact you run around without surveying your environment. in the beginning of uc2 online play, you would fire at another player and they would run up "eating all those bullets" and gun butt you to death. how is that fun. i played uc2 today and on my last match i went 24 kills and 4 deaths. i hover at 2.00kdr. i don't want naughtydog to change any thing about uc2 online play after 1.05. it is not the patch, it is the skill that is within your brain.

Snoogins4721d ago

First, Naughty Dog appeased 30% of the community who actually liked the Crushing weekend by lowering the health even more, which actually caused a hell of a lot of backlash from a majority of the population. This removes the skill involved in the game, allowing every noob, except the completely useless morons I get stuck with, easy kills.

Secondly, as each patch comes into play, even more glitches are made possible, which the funking losers love to exploit and there's really no damn way to police the game. I lose hundreds of thousands quitting games being ruined by the cheaters both Sony and Naughty Dog don't have the balls or intelligence to ban.

Thirdly, there is still a big problem with people getting shot and killed through walls and cover, which is total bulIshit.

Fourth, the grenades are still broken as I can easily die from a grenade over 5 yards away, but grenades I throw that blow up under someone else's feet don't do jack sh!t to them.

Who the hell wants to support a company that allows THIS to happen to their game? DLC coming out this week that I really don't want to buy until they fix their sh!t.

DMason4721d ago

I went to play Uncharted 2 multiplayer last week, and it started connecting to the multiplayer. A bar popped up and filled extremelllllly slow. It said "Syncing" about 20 times, and was only half full after about 5 minutes so I shut it off. Anyone else have this problem connecting to multiplayer?

-Alpha4721d ago

That's just how their patches work. Let it finish doing that, it's happened with every patch

Unicron4721d ago

I totally disagree Thoreau. Now people camp. The level traversal is pretty much dead. Headshots for the sniper are meaningless. I'm sick of the MW2 type of gameplay that boils down to whoever sees the other first wins, I much prefer the "bullet sponge" where you actually have to AIM and EARN your kill.

I think this health should be an option, not the norm.

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young juice4721d ago

i believe they are gonna continue to mak......

im hungry

jack_burt0n4721d ago

yeah the community died overnight LOL I have been playing since july 4th and it literally killed the game ppl stopped climbing, melee, any attempts at stealth kills it became camping and a dodgy 3rd person run and gun spawn fest.

In terms of skill MGO cuts its throat, as a shooter bad company 2 blows its house to pieces.

As a third person action adventure mp game it WAS pretty unique just give it its own newb/mw2/sniping playlist and see how many people play it LOL.

You wanna change stuff just keep the skins and maps coming!

Uncharted is a masterpiece.

kanetheking4720d ago

i was so happy back then never would got 1st cos 1st would make they game lagg & and play with 1 person and just kill them.& 2nd was just to good lol

Unicron4721d ago

Make the changes part of a "Crushing Health" playlist and put the game back to normal. Problem solved.

-Alpha4721d ago

They HAVE a Hardcore mode, but for some reason its only available in a custom game. Instead they do this.

Bumpmapping4721d ago

Please take off auto lock on grenades.

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