Call Of Duty 4 - What we now know has released a "What we have now know" article on COD4, Describing the new features and info that has been released from the rush of gameplay and interview videos that have been released lately.

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zonetrooper54130d ago

I can't wait for this game its gonna be awesmoe, I just need some money to preorder the damn game thoug.

Ebay3rd4130d ago

After reading that list I think I will buy it for sure...It will be my first COD game...

PS360PCROCKS4130d ago

"New perks such as faster bullets, more powerful bullets and extra health have been confirmed."

Lol really I guess the term "Modern Warfare" was self explanatory enough to realize we would be using better guns? Lol I am sorry this just cracked me up guys. I cant wait for this game though.

cod4forums4130d ago

No that wasn't what I was implying. "Perks" are things you can equip your self with. Them 3 will be just a few of many perks that will change your equipment and life span.

Leogetz4130d ago

I'll be getting this game, I love the CoD series, hated 3 but overall it's a great series. This looks to be great