Clive Barker's Jericho Preview

Who doesn't love ghost stories? In the upcoming Clive Barker's Jericho, you'll be tasked with clearing a whole city of ghost stories. GameSpy recently got an early look at Jericho here in their offices.

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boi4130d ago

if this was co-op i will buy but if not im stayin out of it lol

with this kind of game i prefer co-op example Obscure...

Ebay3rd4130d ago

I'll give it a shot looks like it might be a good late night game...

MK_Red4130d ago

I hope its as scary as Undying. Its been a long wait for a Clive Barker game and after Demonic was canceled, all seemed lost but ... here comes Jericho. The games looks kool and gothic enough for me, hope they show lots of gameplay during E3.

THE_JUDGE4130d ago

I don't think that there are enough games that are like this. I love Silent Hill and Resident Evil, this should go well with them. I just wish someone would make a scaryish game that combined a third person action like Silent Hill and a first person shooter. I think that the ability to switch back and forth at certain parts in the game would be awesome. Looking forward to seeing more about this one though.

Rhezin4130d ago

looks dope I'm gonna pick it up

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